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Hi! Here is your dose of useful links and articles related to renewable energy and technology. Have a nice weekend!

Electric Cars, Smart Charging and the Future of Energy Management

In recent years, increasingly aggressive carbon-neutral energy goals (and in many cases, requirements) have been introduced globally. More than 100 nations, cities, and states have made pledges to pursue a carbon-neutral future – some by 2050 at the latest, others even sooner. Plans to meet these goals focus on two…

Big plans to save the planet depend on nanomaterials improving energy storage

The challenge of building an energy future that preserves and improves the planet is a massive undertaking. But it all hinges on the charged particles moving through invisibly small materials. Scientists and politicians have recognized the need for an urgent and substantial shift in the world’s mechanisms of energy production and consumption in order to…

Most of the biggest problems facing the push for sustainability can all be tied back to the need for better energy storage.

Yury Gogotsi, PhD, Distinguished University and Bach professor at Drexel University’s College of Engineering

Renewables: Total Continues to Expand its Footprint in Southeast Asia in Distributed Solar

Total (Paris:FP) (LSE:TTA) (NYSE:TOT), through its affiliate Total Solar Distributed Generation, has added six new solar projects with a total capacity of around 10 megawatts-peak (MWp) to its renewables portfolio in Southeast Asia since October 2019. These distributed generation projects…

Total Solar Distributed Generation is today a major international provider of fully integrated solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Southeast Asia.

Julien Pouget, Senior Vice President, Renewables at Total.

The Secret to Renewable Energy Storage: Would You Believe Chairlifts?

Storage of renewable energy is the cutting edge of the transition to renewables themselves. While wind and solar technologies have advanced to become competitive with fossil fuels, the possibilities for energy storage lag behind. In fossil fuel power stations and hydropower plants, the…

Where’s Casper, The Friendly Ghost?

A lot has been written about Casper, the upcoming Proof of Stake consensus mechanism for Ethereum. And like in the famous cartoons and movies it’s really a “GHOST” because it is derived from the “Greedy Heaviest-Observed Sub- Tree” protocol. Casper has been announced as early as August 2015…

SA produce market launch energy microgrid

The South Australian Produce Market (SAPML) has declared its intent on becoming more environmentally sustainable, launching its new energy microgrid project. The A$10.5m microgrid will supply SAPML’s Pooraka site with all of its energy requirements, as well as being able to…

We thank the South Australian Government for the funding and support that has allowed the implementation of a ground-breaking environmentally sustainable energy solution .

Chief executive of SAPML, Angelo Demasi

As Nigeria’s First Solar-Powered Brewery Clocks One

In October 2019, International Breweries Plc, a proud part of the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, invited key stakeholders, the media, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), the Ogun State government, and the…

We are building a company to last for the next 100+ years, both globally and in Africa.

Global Chief Executive Officer of AB Inbev, Carlos Brito

Vermont power utility partners with blockchain firm LO3 to pilot local energy marketplace

Vermont power utility partners with blockchain firm LO3 to pilot local energy marketplaceVermont power utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) has partnered with blockchain energy startup LO3 Energy as part of its efforts to become a 100 percent renewable provider by 2030. Through this partnership, the…

This is a landmark moment for energy in the US as it is the first time a community scale local energy market has been developed, regulated and commercially operated.

LO3 Energy founder and CEO Lawrence Orsini

How will battery storage help Taos’ all-solar energy future?

Most people tend to think of batteries as conventional storage that will kick in when there’s no sun. That’s just one use case; storage can also be used for resiliency and for backup. For instance, we have a lot of communities in the mountains, and if there’s a power outage or catastrophic event – like the fire we…

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