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Vermont Power Utility Partners With Blockchain Firm for Local Solar Energy Sales

Some Vermont-based households can now sell their excess renewable energy to businesses through blockchain-based energy startup LO3’s platform. Vermont power utility Green Mountain Power and LO3 jointly launched a pilot project that enables homeowners with solar panels to sell surplus power to…

Big plans to save the planet depend on nanoscopic materials improving energy storage

Scientists and politicians have recognized the need for an urgent and substantial shift in the world’s mechanisms of energy production and consumption in order to arrest its momentum toward environmental cataclysm. A course correction of this magnitude is certainly daunting…

Most of the biggest problems facing the push for sustainability can all be tied back to the need for better energy storage.

Yury Gogotsi, PhD, Distinguished University and Bach professor at Drexel University’s College of Engineering

What role are lithium-ion batteries playing in energy transition?

The energy transition has encouraged industries to move from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources. In doing so, companies have faced challenges in determining how to store significant amounts of energy for extended periods of time. This need is especially acute in the electric car market, which…

Lithium-ion batteries also have potential applications in utility-scale renewable energy, although they face competition from newly developed technologies in that arena.

Wave Energy Tech Is Ready to Plug Into a Real Grid

Ocean waves are powerful and perpetually replenished. But unlike the wind and sun, waves remain a largely untapped source of renewable energy, despite their enormous potential. A slew of projects is starting to change that, with large prototypes launching near coastlines worldwide…

The difficulty has been in developing a technology that actually survives in the marine environment, which can be very harsh. 

John McCarthy, CEO of the Irish buoy maker OceanEnergy

A Plug-and-Play Microgrid for Rooftop Solar

A few years ago, I found myself in the laundry room of a house in Austin, Texas, looking at some disturbing electrical signals on an oscilloscope. In my capacity as chief technology officer for the nonprofit clean-energy-research firm Pecan Street, examining the effect on the grid of homes…

After luxury resorts, Singapore’s Canopy Power see diverse industries embracing microgrids

Canopy Power, a start-up headquartered in Singapore which has recently completed microgrid projects including solar and battery energy storage, for luxury resorts in South East Asia, says it wants to take the tech and its concepts into a number of other sectors. The company first got in touch with…

Logistics to these remote sites is always a challenge. Customs procedures in Indonesia are more complex than several countries in the region.

Canopy Power founder Sujay Malve

Ulstein concept for fuel cell construction vessel

The Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein has presented the concept of an offshore construction vessel with hydrogen propulsion. The Ulstein SX190 will be tested on the high seas from 2022. The Ulstein SX190 Zero Emission DP2 construction support vessel can cater to a large variety of offshore operations such as the…

With this hydrogen-fueled vessel, we aim for future zero-emission operations of long endurance. Sea trials of a newbuild Ulstein SX190 Zero Emission could happen as soon as 2022.

Tore Ulstein, Deputy CEO of the Ulstein Group

Enphase integrates with GreenSync’s decentralized energy exchange

The California-based energy technology company has integrated with GreenSync’s Decentralized Energy Exchange (deX), making it possible for its customers to get more value out of their distributed energy assets and help the grid manage the challenges associated with the rapid penetration of intermittent…

Enphase customers want to be part of the solution here in Australia, and we have the smart technology to make this possible. This program with deX demonstrates the capability of smart DER technology.

Wilf Johnston, Asia-Pacific MD at Enphase Energy


Electricity systems across the globe are undergoing a paradigm shift towards decentralization. This shift is being brought about by technological disruptions, coupled with innovations in business models. As countries seek to meet their emission reduction targets, electricity is being increasingly decarbonized…

A fossil fuel-powered future for Africa will come at a drastic human cost

Over the course of the next three decades, Africa will record faster population growth than anywhere else. The obvious implications range from the need for more industrialization—to create jobs and products—to increased congestion across several urban centers. And despite the growing availability of…

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