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3+ Different Types of Power Plants that Generate Electricity for Us

Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world. Everything from watches to cars now runs on electricity. To put our dependence on electricity into numbers, we see that in 2008, the electricity consumption of the U.S. was at 2,989 TWh (Tera Watt-hours). Fast forward to 2019, we see that it has increased to 3,971 TWh. A TWh being equal to 100,000,0000 kWh…

Breakthrough boosts performance of sodium-sulfur batteries

Researchers from the University of Wollongong have manufactured a nanomaterial that acts as a superior cathode for room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries, making them a more attractive option for large-scale energy storage. Their research results are published in Nature Communications, where they were featured in the editors…

For now, the actual energy densities of sodium-sulfur batteries are a far cry from the theoretical values.

Dr Yunxiao Wang

Fuel for Rockets and Zeppelins Points Toward Green Heat Solution

It’s the most nettlesome problem in the quest to ditch fossil fuels: how can you get thousand-degree heat used in factory furnaces without pumping billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? Heat-intensive processes like steelmaking and oil refineries are the starting point for production of everything from cars to life-saving medicines…

Hydrogen has a big advantage. You can use it in everything that’s difficult to electrify, from long distance trucks, barges, trains, maybe planes one day. It will be needed to decarbonize the power sector 100%.

Markus Krebber, the finance director of RWE AG, Germany’s largest electricity generator

It’s never been easier to get off the grid

Elk River resident Jesse Noell didn’t have a battery backup for his solar panels during the Pacific Gas & Electric public safety power shutoffs last month. When he got the panels installed in 2004, he said he didn’t realize he needed a battery because he had never experienced a power shutdown on the scale of the two outages in October…

They want to make the power and sell it to you, but you can make your own power.

Six Rivers Solar owner and mechanical engineer Norman Ehrlich

Inside Tata Power and Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Light Up 5 Million Households in India

Sixty in one day. That’s how many eye cataract surgeries Dr. Ajeeth Kumar performs in and around Parsa, a poor village two hours from the state capital of Bihar, India. He runs a modern ophthalmology practice with a slit lamp, tonometer and a range of equipment: a scene taken for granted by many whose lives are powered by the hum of fully…

I used to run this hospital with a diesel generator; we were always worried about the power going out. The last thing you want is a blackout in the middle of cataract surgery.

Dr. Ajeeth Kumar

Blockchain Solving The Energy Crisis In Africa

Blockchain technology’s use of a non-corruptible ledger brings an exciting change to the future of the energy industry. Like other Ethereum networks, cities will utilize Smart Grids to have an online register that stores all the information running through a municipality. This decentralization of data will give consumers total over…

Smart cities, IoT seen to lead technology trends next year

Global technology services firm NTT Ltd. expects wider adoption of disruptive technologies next year, with the fusing of data, automation, and internet of things (IoT) technologies to create connected cities and societies. At the launch of its “Future Disrupted” forecasts which look at technology trends for the next 12 months and beyond, NTT said 2020 will…

The industry has been talking about different technologies, including the cloud, data, AI, and security in different siloes. But 2020 is the year that will change. Next year, we’ll see complete end-to-end computing come to the fore, bringing to life fully intelligent environments that are completely connected and will have a big impact on the world we live in.

NTT Ltd. chief technology officer Ettienne Reinecke

China’s Military Newspaper Suggests Soldiers to be Rewarded in Cryptocurrency

Thanks to President Xi Jinping’s recent game-changing comments about blockchain, the official newspaper of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), PLA Daily, appears to be poised to see military personnel paid and encouraged in cryptocurrencies as opposed to the Yuan. According to a pro-crypto write-up published by the PLA’s paper, the technology…

Just as the civilian logistics industry has adopted blockchain to trace and track food supply chains from farms to shops, the PLA could use the technology of immutable records in its military logistics and supply management.

Metamorphosis In Fukushima — Installing 11 Solar Power Plants & 10 Wind Power Plants

How does one renew an area devastated by nuclear waste? I think of brilliant Akira Kurosawa’s film Dreams. One of the dreams depicts the horror and abyss after the fallout of a nuclear accident. Indeed, in real life, there are farmlands in Japan that are ruined, land that cannot be cultivated anymore. The Nikkei Asian Review reports mountainous areas where…

With technological support from the institute, a support program for local businesses in the quake- and tsunami-damaged areas is being carried out and human resources are being developed in collaboration with local universities. As a result, there have been 107 joint research projects implemented and nine successful examples of commercialization.

Masaru Nakaiwa, the institute’s director-general, in an email interview with The Japan Times.

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