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Plastics ban and green energy: F1’s plan to go carbon neutral by 2030

Formula 1 has announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, in a presentation released today. The series, which requires seven jumbo jets to transport its equipment around the world, has pledged to reduce the net carbon emissions of racing, transportation, and travel to zero. On the track, car engines will become “net-zero carbon hybrid power units” by 2030…

Over its 70-year history, F1 has pioneered numerous technologies and innovations that have positively contributed to society and helped to combat carbon emissions. In launching F1’s first-ever sustainability strategy, we recognise the critical role that all organisations must play in tackling this global issue.

Formula 1’s CEO, Chase Carey

Engineers help with water under the bridge and other tough environmental decisions

In two new papers, civil engineers explore how to make decisions using quantifiable social, economic and environmental guidelines. It’s called a sustainability-based optimized algorithm. It’s designed to help land managers, city planners, engineers, and policymakers make decisions about civil engineering projects. New bridge? Old bridge that needs new repairs…

It’s data-driven decision making — it helps us put a number on different aspects of a project so we can collectively make more informed decisions. We can argue about how to put a number to it but there are ways, and once there’s a number, it can be compared. It’s about transparency in decisions.

Brian Barkdoll, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan Technological University

Taiwan wind farm gives Japan foothold in Asia’s green power game

TOKYO — Japan’s leading power provider took its first major step in developing Asia’s promising green-energy market with the completion of Taiwan’s first commercial offshore wind farm. JERA, a joint venture between utilities Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings and Chubu Electric Power, owns 32.5% of the Formosa 1 wind farm off northwestern Taiwan…

We expect to learn extensively and grow in this leading place for offshore wind energy, then expand to Japan and the rest of the world.

JERA President, Satoshi Onoda

Vehicle-to-grid technology is revving up

A raging storm already has knocked out the power a few neighborhoods away. You don’t have a backup generator, but a plug-in electric sedan is parked in your garage. What if you connected your car’s battery to the electrical lines in your house? In a blackout, you probably could run the fridge, some lights, and a TV, and sit out the tempest in relative comfort…

We see V2G as the next most exciting opportunity. I don’t like talking about vehicle-grid integration as something in the future. It’s actually happening today.

Smriti Mishra, director of distributed energy at National Grid Ventures

Hyundai, Nikola, and Toyota Start to Build the Hydrogen Highway

Hyundai Motor Co. has an ambitious plan to wean the global trucking industry from fossil fuels by creating green commercial trucks with the same power and range as their diesel counterparts. The South Korean automaker unveiled the cornerstone of its strategy in Atlanta last month by showing the concept of its planned HDC-6 Neptune hydrogen fuel cell truck…

This is about survival, and we don’t have that much time to make this move.

Sae Hoon Kim, vice president of Hyundai’s fuel cell center

5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future

WASHINGTON — Wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles are spreading far more quickly around the world than many experts had predicted. But this rapid growth in clean energy isn’t yet fast enough to slash humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions and get global warming under control. That’s the conclusion of the International Energy Agency…

Without new policies in place, the world will miss its climate goals by a very large margin.

Fatih Birol, the agency’s executive director

Opinion: China is Pushing Toward Global Blockchain Dominance

In a speech late last month, Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared blockchain “an important breakthrough,” and promised that China would “seize the opportunity.” He detailed the ways the Chinese government would support blockchain research, development, and standardization. The significance shouldn’t be underestimated. Xi is the first major…

Blockchain will enable this fintech revolution, in concert with artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and other innovations.

Vivint Solar Announces Launch of Solar + Storage Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in California

Vivint Solar, a leading full-service residential solar provider in the United States, wants homeowners to have the power to choose the kind of experience they get from their energy provider and is now launching a new power purchase agreement (PPA) option that includes one simple rate for both solar and battery storage in California. Vivint Solar offers…

As we look to offer more viable options, we see a clear need, especially in markets like California, to provide a number of solutions for solar energy and storage. This includes the new option of a PPA that features solar + storage. Residential solar paired with a battery will help keep the lights on and provide power when homeowners need it the most.

David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar

Smart cities must develop in surprising ways to meet new challenges

The new generation of smart cities should embrace new technologies and fresh approaches to combat their growing list of challenges, claims a new report from ABI Research. In its new whitepaper, 5 Ways Smart Cities Are Getting Smarter (registration), ABI suggests that digital twins and urban modeling, resilient cities, circular cities, micro-mobility…

This new reality requires new approaches, leveraging a range of new technologies to create true strategy shifts.

Dominique Bonte, Vice President at ABI Research

Opinion | We are data-rich, let’s use it right

When Meera Kumar traveled to London as a 19-year-old exchange student, she was amazed by the transport system. An app called Citymapper advised her about the fastest and cheapest method—whether bus, metro, walking, cycling or taxi—to go anywhere in London. She was able to track the bus and get to the bus stop on time, making her commute safe and…

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