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Science Is Discovering Power Sources Everywhere

We are familiar with generating power from the sun and wind, but the next generation of power could come from the dark and other surprising sources. The future of power generation will include many devices in the home and office that power themselves — in whole or in part — using energy available from the environment. They will supplement the…

Jiro Olcott: Power Transition CEO Discusses How His Company’s Hedera Hashgraph-based Platform Uses Energy More Efficiently

A newly developed decentralized application (dApp), called Power Transition, based on Hedera Hashgraph (a DLT-based platform that claims to be “faster, fairer, and more secure” than existing blockchain networks), implements a microgrid management platform in order to use energy in a more efficient manner. Power Transition has reportedly been designed to…

At the core of the Power Transition iMaaS platform are micropayments — peer-to-peer transactions of tiny amounts of cryptocurrency in real-time, as energy is consumed. Micropayments therefore require real-time finality, in other words, instant confirmation that a transaction has occurred.

Jiro Olcott, director at Power Transition

McDonald’s Unveils Two New Sustainability Initiatives That Could Power 2,500 Stores

On Thursday, fast-food giant McDonald’s announces its latest sustainability plans to pursue two new renewable energy projects. These projects are virtual power purchase agreements with Apex Clean Energy and Ares Management, and are based in Texas. One project will be solar-energy based, and the other will generate power using wind energy….

Energy storage model could help the UK decarbonize at least cost

The Storage and Flexibility Model has been built in response to the increasingly complex challenge of balancing supply and demand in the energy system. Energy Systems Catapult has launched a new energy storage model that aims to provide a comprehensive view on how storage and flexibility technologies could help the UK decarbonize at the least cost…

As the UK energy system decarbonises, the ways we produce, transport, store and use energy will need to change, resulting in an increasing challenge to balance supply and demand. This will lead to a changing role for storage and competing flexibility technologies.

Alex Buckman, networks and energy storage practice manager at Energy Systems Catapult

$7.5 billion Bleutech Park high-tech ‘mini-city’ secures Las Vegas land

The project is set to showcase renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, AI, augmented reality, robotics, ’super-trees’ and self-healing concrete structures. The developers of the $7.5 billion Bleutech Park project have reached a deal to secure a 210-acre piece of land at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip on Cactus Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.
The planned…

After many years working together, I’m honoured to see Bleutech Park finally set flag in 210 acres of the best location – South Las Vegas Blvd.

Seven Valleys Realty and Construction, Khusrow K. Roohani.

Investment to make Africa a world leader in renewables

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Nov 11 2019 (IPS) – Africa, where close to half of its 1.2 billion people have access to electricity, is set to become a world leader in renewable energy. As global business and development leaders met in Johannesburg, South Africa, to attend the Africa Investment Forum (AIF), one of the key focuses of the…

I’m sure that people are not talking enough about this major achievement which is the Benban Solar Programmer, 1.5 GW of solar that was invested mostly by the private sector in a record time.

Alain Ebobisse, CEO of Africa 50

5 strategic shifts that are making cities smarter: report

As cities embrace new technologies and approaches to combat challenges, a new white paper from ABI Research, 5 Ways Cities Are Getting Smarter, examines the top strategy shifts that are currently making cities more advanced and efficient. An implied underlying theme of the report is that the smart technology adopted by cities should have a clear purpose…

It is an illusion to believe that adding just a shallow layer of IoT technology to legacy urban environments will allow cities to address the urban challenges of the future, ranging from the provision of sustainable energy to the adoption of smart mobility and the construction of resilient cities.

ABI Research Vice President Dominique Bonte

Ziyen Energy Names David Greenberg Chairman of New ZYEN Digital Energy Trading Platform

David Greenberg is currently Chairman of Greenberg Capital, LLC. He previously served three terms on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) Board as well as the Executive Board, where he helped oversee a growth in valuation from $800 million to $12 billion and one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPO’s) in U.S. history. He was also…

I am looking forward to working closely with Alastair and the team at Ziyen Energy to pool our knowledge and resources to launch the ZYEN Digital Trading Platform, which I believe is the evolution of the commodities industry.

David Greenberg, Chairman of Greenberg Capital, LLC

Mountain Gravity Energy Storage – Environmental Long-Term Energy Storage

Batteries are rapidly becoming less expensive and might soon offer a cheap short-term solution to store energy for daily energy needs. However, the long-term storage capabilities of batteries, for example, in a yearly cycle, will not be economically viable. Although pumped-hydro storage (PHS) technologies are an economically feasible choice for long-term energy…

One of the benefits of this system is that sand is cheap and, unlike water, it does not evaporate – so you never lose potential energy and it can be reused innumerable times. This makes it particularly interesting for dry regions.

IIASA researcher Julian Hunt

AFRICA: Oslo offers €30 million guarantee to renewable energy suppliers

The Norwegian government has decided to offer a guarantee of NOK 300 million (30 million) per year to renewable energy suppliers to guarantee their investments in low-income countries. Many of these countries are in Africa, south of the Sahara.Good news for renewable energy suppliers based in Norway. Dag-Inge Ulstein, Norway’s Minister for International…

Investing in developing countries involves risks that hinder the growth of the investments needed to achieve full access to modern energy, including the fight against climate change. Guarantee schemes can cover part of the potential losses, which reduces the level of risk.

Dag-Inge Ulstein, Norway’s Minister for International Development

Scientists Take Strides Towards Entirely Renewable Energy

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have taken a giant stride towards solving a riddle that would provide the world with entirely renewable, clean energy from which water would be the only waste product.
Reducing humanity’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is arguably the greatest challenge facing 21st-century civilization – especially given the…

Given the increasingly pressing need to find green energy solutions it is no surprise that scientists have, for some time, been hunting for a magical catalyst that would allow us to split water electrochemically in a cost-effective, reliable way. However, it is no exaggeration to say that before now such a hunt was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Professor Max García-Melchor

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