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South Korea wants to build three hydrogen-powered cities by 2022

South Korea is vying to win the race to create the first hydrogen-powered society. It wants to build three hydrogen-powered cities by 2022 as it positions itself as a leader in green technology. The plan will see the cities use hydrogen as the fuel for cooling, heating, electricity, and transportation. Consultation on where the three cities will be located is…

Elon Musk Should Build Pumped Hydro With Tesla Energy, The Boring Co., & Coal Miners

Recently, headlines were made when an Australian team published a study finding that there was more than enough pumped hydro storage resource locations to satisfy all future needs for storage in a 100% renewable grid. As the global resource map site hosted at the Australia National Museum says:

We found about 616,000 potentially feasible PHES sites with storage potential of about 23 million Gigawatt-hours (GWh) by using geographic information system (GIS) analysis. This is about one hundred times greater than required to support a 100% global renewable electricity system.

Solar energy big hit amid Zimbabwe’s energy crisis

Residents of Zimbabwe’s capital have found a solution to a deepening electricity crisis. More than 18 hours every day, there is no power which resumes only around 11.00 p.m. local time (2100GMT). But the majority of homes in a medium-density area called Homelink, in Westlea in Harare, are immune from the country’s electricity crisis, with solar panels installed on…

You can see for yourself that there is no electricity here, but my home including several others, are brightly lit. We have gone solar as the country goes dark.

Pritchard Mvundura, Zimbabwe

Facebook data center to be powered by $430 million wind farm in Nebraska

Construction has begun on a wind farm that will supply 100 percent of the power required to operate a data center in Papillion, Nebraska. The Rattlesnake Creek wind farm in Dixon County, Nebraska, will have a capacity of 320 megawatts (MW). Under a power purchase agreement, Facebook will buy power from 200 MW of the farm‘s capacity to operate its…

One step closer to our goal of powering all of our operations with clean and renewable energy.

acebook‘s director of global energy, Bobby Hollis

Long-term planning is needed to make power grids ready for EV load: Report

When electric vehicles (EVs) become a favored transportation option for Indians, policymakers need to think about the ecosystem it will require, and it is much more than just planning for charging stations. One factor least talked about, or planned for, in the penetration of EV is the load it will put on the power distribution grid. The entry stage of EVs into the Indian…

New ‘Artificial Leaf’ Uses Sunlight to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

There is no doubt that climate change is a very serious (and worsening) problem. According to a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), even if all the industrialized nations of the world became carbon neutral overnight, the problem would continue to get worse. In short, it’s not enough to stop pumping megatons of CO2 into the…

We call it an artificial leaf because it mimics real leaves and the process of photosynthesis. A leaf produces glucose and oxygen. We produce methanol and oxygen.

Yimin A. Wu, a researcher and a professor of engineering

Q&A With James Greenberger: Top Trends & New Innovations In Energy Storage

Over the past few years, rapid solar industry growth has powered the innovation and utilization of energy storage. Noticing the increasing integration and emerging complementary opportunities, the Intersolar North America* team made a conscious decision to incorporate energy storage more fully into our 2020 event content—and you can be sure that…

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