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Lamborghini patents supercapacitor tech

The Raging Bull’s future hypercars will likely lean on supercapacitors for electrification, taking advantage of their lightweight and small footprint to get the most bang for their hybrid-system buck.  This news comes from Lamborghini itself, which announced Wednesday that, in partnership with MIT, it has filed a patent for a new synthetic material that will be utilized in…

The joint research with MIT fully embodies our values and our vocation for anticipating the future: a future in which hybridization is increasingly desirable and inevitably necessary.

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali in the joint announcement

Interview with Vienna Zhou, CEO of TROES Corp.

TROES was founded by myself (Vienna Zhou) under the umbrella theV Technology Inc, (theVTech) which is our technology and investment consulting firm specializing in the Cleantech and Renewable Energy industry. TheVTech has a wide scope of clients, including renewable project developers, project investors, end-users such as government office…

TROES is the acronym of “the Revolution Of Energy Storage,” so we expect that our technology and market development to be the testimony of the technology revolution of Energy Storage.

Vienna Zhou, CEO of TROES Corp.

Tech transformation: Is Dubai closer to achieving its smart city ambitions?

The tech exhibition, which draws participants from across the world, has become a platform for the emirate to showcase the progress of its ambitious ‘smart city’ strategy with government entities among the key exhibitors. The Smart Dubai strategic plan aims to transform all government services and make them digital and paperless. It includes…

We aim to be the one stop shop for all government services. We are launching services that are related to residency – so you can sponsor your family, apply for the entry permit and get the residency all digitally.

Wesam Lootah, CEO of Smart Dubai

Five strategic shifts cities must make to face “new reality”

Automating the design of urban environments via digital twinning software, moving from sustainable to circular economies and integrating micro-mobility or Mobility 2.0 into the transport mix are among the “strategy shifts” cities need to make, according to ABI Research. The analyst company also warns that a shift from “safe and secure cities” to “resilient…

It is an illusion to believe that adding just a shallow layer of IoT (Internet of Things) technology to legacy urban environments will allow cities to address the urban challenges of the future, ranging from the provision of sustainable energy to the adoption of smart mobility and the construction of resilient cities.

Dominique Bonte, vice president at ABI Research

Interview with Mostafa Farrokhabadi, BluWave-ai

BluWave-ai was founded in 2017, initially with a founding circle of two people. The team has quickly grown to 20 people today. The company HQ is in Ottawa, Ontario. BluWave-ai uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the adoption and use of renewable energy sources and electric transportation by communities, corporations, and utilities….

While we at BluWave-ai are working hard to be a key enabler of the transition, it is important for individuals to feel responsible in fighting climate change and moving towards smarter greener electricity and transportation sectors.

Mostafa Farrokhabadi, Director of Grid Analytics & Technology, BluWave-ai

Power Ledger Strikes Deal to Roll Out Blockchain in South Australia

Australian blockchain energy firm Power Ledger has partnered with a local energy retailer to roll out its technology in South Australia. Power Ledger’s blockchain-based software will allow Australians to pool their excess solar and battery storage to a Virtual Power Plant for greater control and management over their energy. Within the partnership…

You no longer need to be a massive electricity company to commoditize energy.

Jemma Green, co-founder and chairman at Power Ledger

Water Is Really Hard and Expensive to Split. These Guys Might Have a Solution.

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have teamed up to begin solving one of the big problems facing clean energy hydrogen production. They’ve been studying ways to better catalyze splitting water into energy-ready hydrogen. Water is the most abundant compound in the universe, partly because it’s made of two of the most abundant elements, and partly…

A major roadblock in realizing large-scale production of hydrogen via electrochemical water splitting is the cost and inefficiency of current catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER).

The researchers write in a new paper in Nature Communications

China’s Grid Operator Plans a Big Push in 5G and AI

China is planning a nationwide smart power grid that uses technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, with the first phase to be completed within two years. The plan was outlined in a white paper by the State Grid Corporation, one of China’s largest utility companies. It operates roughly 90% of the country’s electricity grids. Named the “Ubiquitous Power…

The Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things would apply information technology and advanced communication technologies such as mobile internet and artificial intelligence to realize the interconnection of all things and human-computer interaction in all aspects of the power grid.

Will Your EV Keep the Lights On When the Grid Goes Down?

Last month’s preventative power shutoffs in California highlighted the vulnerability of the electricity grid to threats exacerbated by a changing climate. In the wake of the forced outages, much has been written about the ability of solar PV arrays working in tandem with stationary battery storage systems to keep the lights on when the grid goes down. But what about the…

Medical professionals at an evacuation center were the first ones who approached us about possibly using them as backup batteries for heating and other purposes.

Ryusuke Hayashi, Nissan’s senior manager of EV operations

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