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Future-Ready Digital Buildings Offer Opportunity for Value Creation

In an era of energy and digital transformation, the economics of building ownership are changing. Future-ready digital buildings will stack advanced technologies to enable coordinated operations for energy flexibility, reliability, and decarbonization value beyond the building envelope…

California Makes Energy a Luxury Good

California is “teetering on the edge of financial ruin,” yet every energy policy has to fit the climate change narrative, regardless of whether or how miniscule the causative role of Californians is in contributing to global warming. A growing majority of taxpaying Californians are “expected to leave the state in the next 10 years” over these decisions…

In place for more than 25 million people in Northern and Southern California, which means soaring temperatures, low humidity and stronger winds will increase the risk of fire dangers.

TenneT, BMW pilot EV grid stabilisation

Dutch-German transmission system operator TenneT and German car maker BMW Group have piloted a project to show how charging of electric cars can be adjusted to the utilisation of capacity in the grid and the availability of renewable energy. Project uses electric vehicles to provide energy to tackle grid congestion in Germany…

As the energy transition progresses, new forms of flexibility such as electric transport must take over the tasks of conventional power plants.


Africa poised to lead way in global green revolution, says report

Africa has less than half the solar power installations seen in the UK, despite the sunnier conditions, but the IEA is predicting a solar boom in countries across the continent, which will play a big role in supporting the continent’s growing population and industrialisation over the next 20 years…

I am optimistic about Africa’s energy future – it will surprise pessimists

Fatih Birol, IEA

UK will need 1,400GWh of energy storage for future energy system, new modelling reveals

To meet an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 – a goal now out of date after net zero becomes legally binding – the UK will need nearly 1,400GWh of electric and thermal storage, a figure 55% higher than previous estimates made by the Energy Technology Institute’s Energy System Modelling Environment (ESME)…

7 ways China is quietly embracing blockchain

China’s recent blockchain development bonanza shows no sign of abatement. From pledging loyalty to the Communist Party and identifying smart city citizens to verifying pigs and tracking liquor shipments, here’s how China’s gone all-in on blockchain…

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