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Wearable Solar Technology Breakthrough

Miniaturization combined with the greater flexibility of solar cells is leading to new opportunities for wearable solar technology. The benefits of wearable solar solutions are clear: small electronics can be charged through a USB connection integrated into clothing, thereby bringing an extra layer of convenience for users. And a whole swathe of electronic devices…

It is small and light, making it easy to carry, and in few hours is capable of charging the 2500mA inside battery, even on an overcast or cloudy day.

Andrea Poma company founder and Starlight team leader

South Australia’s stunning renewable energy transition, and what comes next

The eyes of the energy world are upon it, but the renewable energy transition in South Australia is probably one of the misunderstood, misreported and under-appreciated achievements of our time. South Australia, for those who have not been paying attention, has dumped coal and now sources more than half its generation from wind and solar…

South Africa looks to push wind and solar projects

South Africa has identified three new onshore areas as renewable energy development zones (REDZs) as the country aims to increase the penetration of wind and solar in its future energy mix. Phase two of the country’s Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has proposed two areas in the central north-east of the country and another in the central south for future…

The objective of the SEAs is to identify areas in the country that are best suited for wind and solar PV energy projects, based on a holistic assessment of technical, strategic planning, environmental and socioeconomic criteria.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

ExxonMobil Targets Gen Z in a Big Way With Tiny Science Experiments

ExxonMobil shares some big ideas about reducing emissions in “Miniature Science,” a series of short online films from BBDO that recreate complex energy processes at roughly 1/1,000th of their actual scale. Taking its cue from the “tiny video” craze, ExxonMobil stages laboratory demonstrations using very small equipment. Targeting Gen Z, the content dovetails with the…

This was an opportunity to talk to an audience with no brand predispositions and pull them in with creativity. Our Gen Z target consume videos primarily on their phones. They are visual learners, and they care about authenticity. They refuse to be ‘sold to,’ and they are also extremely design conscious.

BBDO New York senior creative director Mark Girand

Magnesium Batteries: An Alternative to Lithium?

It’s been a while since I rounded up the latest in battery research from across the Advanced journal family; having recently attended the ABAA-12 conference on battery technologies, it seems like just the right time to explore the state of the art. Despite its obvious advantage in terms of theoretical specific capacity (YouTube viewing hours per charge…

1,500 Energy Experts Gather in Bangkok in November to Secure Thailand’s Energy Future

On November 27-28, 1,500 renewable energy leaders from across Thailand will come together at The Future Energy Show Thailand 2019, a free-to-attend event to help Thailand achieve its renewable energy potential. With Thailand’s rapidly developing economy and growing population, it already leads Southeast Asia in renewable energy installed capacity, and with the…

Tata, Rockefeller Foundation Plan 10,000 India Microgrids

Tata Power Co. Ltd., in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, plans to develop 10,000 microgrids in India to boost access to affordable and reliable electricity to homes and enterprises across the nation’s vast rural areas. Tata Power will set up a new unit, TP Renewable Microgrid Ltd., to build the microgrids through 2026 that will serve nearly 5 million homes in…

The plan represents important scaling up of efforts to provide access to affordable, reliable and clean electricity in India, and will serve as a model for expanding access to more than 800 million people who are without power worldwide.

Tata Power Co. Ltd. & Rockefeller Foundation


Bitcoin mining is renowned for requiring a lot of resources, and with an increased price of the coins, mining is once again under the spotlight. Recently, gas companies in Alberta, Canada, figured out a way to use trapped natural gas to fuel Bitcoin mining, instead of just letting it dissipate out into the atmosphere and pollute the air. In fact, according…

Today I visited an Alberta gas company that has been prototyping Bitcoin mining operations with trapped natural gas, too costly to sell onto the grid. Bitcoin solves a massive problem for 1000s of gas well owners. There is overwhelming demand to monetize trapped illiquid energy.

Francis Pouliot 

Recycle or Burn: What’s The Carbon Impact of Honolulu’s Trash?

Recycling plants are expensive and there’s not a robust market in Hawaii for the products they’d produce, so all glass, plastic, paper and metal trash Honolulu residents want to recycle has to be shipped somewhere else. Oahu residents Naomi Shigenaga, Scotty Anderson, Sally Mist and Diana Bonsignore all wanted to know how the carbon impact of shipping…

We can use it here locally to displace foreign oil. It actually makes a little bit more sense to take most of those recyclables and use them here as renewable energy than ship them someplace far away.

Pieter Matthews, a city contractor with an engineering firm

How Big a Difference Does Buying an Electric Vehicle Make?

More than 1.18 million electric vehicles were rolling along roads and highways in March 2019 and the major automakers have announced aggressive plans to introduce more EVs by 2025. Buying an EV has never been easier, though subsidies have begun to fall. In this article, we’ll explore how big a difference buying an EV will make to the environment…

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