Interview with Toufi Saliba, Founder, Toda

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As part of our ongoing coverage of the upcoming Decentralised Energy Forum, we interviewed Toufi Saliba, Founder of the TODA/IP protocol and a well-known blockchain speaker. Toufi’s opinions are highly held in the blockchain and protocol world, and he has featured as a speaker at many conferences and forums. While he manages to be very brief, his message and the information that he delivers is well worth a read – it certainly opened my eyes to some things. 

Toufi Saliba, Founder, Toda

Could you briefly explain TODA’s business model? 

TODA/IP is a protocol to enable platforms and higher-level protocols to get the security by design to benefit from unprecedented efficiencies.

Which benefits does it bring to the customers?

The customers who use any of the companies building on Toda can dramatically benefit from the deterministic level of security by design, so efficiencies are maximized and reduction of financial exploitations of economies of scale.

How does TODA contribute to green energy?

Our protocol provides over 99% efficiencies for the internet of value. That’s better economically and in every way.

Can you give an overview of how your internet communication protocol helps energy businesses?

Having modular/atomic value at the packet level can enhance secure AI transactions and secure its computations to perform as designed and not outside of that. Similarly, the deterministic, irrefutability for the elements running on it.

What are the TODA use cases? Are there any limitations?

Any Ai Engine securing their computation and distribute their computation in an autonomous decentralized setting.

Virtual assets representations on the network layer such as Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others being built on it; TODA is a network communication protocol.

Real assets representations on the network layer for secure cryptographic compliant representations such as Land, commodities, etc. 

So who are you targeting as customers in the first instance? Is it consumers, prosumers or businesses?

Some businesses and individuals thought they didn’t need the internet. TODA is an Internet Protocol; anyone can benefit from it. 

AI will run the world like it or not. Cryptography can ensure it can not be misused against the users and remains at the user’s control.

Toufi Saliba

What kind of security implementations do you have – how do you protect consumer privacy?

TODA/IP in itself is used for security by design while maintaining user’s privacy and confidentiality. It is fully user-centric and, therefore, up to the user to disclose any aspect. TODA/IP enables businesses and developers to build applications and platforms that change the equation of “they won’t invade people’s privacy” to “they can’t invade people’s privacy by design and not by consensus or simple agreements.”

How do you see AI and machine learning impacting the decentralized energy world in the foreseeable future?

AI will run the world like it or not. Cryptography can ensure it can not be misused against the users and remains at the user’s control.

When do you see DLT energy market saturation happening, particularly in the US? What are the significant steps required to get there?

Not sure what you mean by market saturation, and if by DLT, you mean Distributed Ledger Technology, which was a term coined by Deloitte as synonymous to Blockchain, yet not a single blockchain is actually a Distributed Ledger. Most are currently Replicated Ledgers; in fact, Blockchains aren’t even ledgers. They could utilize ledgers but don’t have to. Nevertheless, I don’t believe saturation is an achievable goal; it’s an ongoing evolutionary quest.

Some say protocols of this type seem to come about every few years, claiming to solve various problems – how do you plan the longevity of Toda?

I think the first question folks need to ask when seeing those claims is, “who makes money from the protocol itself?” If it is the creators, then they are suspect. If the creators can make a lot more money but not from the protocol itself, then they are less of a suspect. TODA/IP is built with provable security by design to reduce the friction of value and asset managements by over 99.9% over existing centralized systems, and therefore it is an objective way to measure value added every single time.

What do you see as the most critical need for the Energy Industry in the space that Toda occupies?

TODA/IP reduces the friction tremendously of value management, therefore, increasing the efficacity of work across the globe and thus increasing the value add and subsequently wealth. With more wealth, the demand for energy will increase, and the consumer will be able to pay up while proportionally be less impactful on their budget.

The Energy Bit, and particularly me, wish to thank Toufi for his contribution here, and for sharing some insight from his perspective. Feel free to leave a comment and make sure to check out our other interviews and articles on our homepage, or continue the discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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