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Now green urban mobility to get one billion euros boost from Germany

Having extended around two billion euros for clean energy projects, Germany will now support India in improving green urban mobility infrastructure, solutions, and services in cities. Furthering its support for the clean energy transition, it will also provide a concessional loan of 200 million euros for a DISCOM investment facility in India. The recent visit…

We also recognize on the Indian side there is a big interest in smaller and more flexible rooftop systems. We try to support this.

Norbert Barthle, parliamentary state secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

Building a ‘nervous system’ for smart cities

Smart cities are no longer a utopian dream of the future. Thanks to a slew of innovative and game-changing technologies, they are already active and growing quickly. Smart cities could be described as the junction between three main areas, namely digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and economic performance. They can be described as a…

It is a moral imperative to look for new solutions and technologies that can have a positive impact on an evolving world.

Fred Saayman, Huawei Brand Executive at Pinnacle, SA’s leading ICT distributor

Germany to get ONE MILLION electric car chargers by 2030

Angela Merkel wants Germany to have ONE MILLION electric charging stations by 2030. In a video message on Sunday, the German chancellor said investment in charging stations would encourage demand for electric cars and accelerate the shift away from petrol and diesel vehicles. Germany currently has around 21,000 charging stations, while the UK has around…

For this purpose, we want to create a million charging points by the year 2030 and the industry will have to participate in this effort, that is what we will be talking about.

Angela Merkel

Africa’s largest solar park provides Green energy for 1 million homes in Egypt

After three years of work, construction of one of the largest solar parks in the world is now complete and all its plots are now operational, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said on 24 October. According to the Bank, Benban, in Egypt’s Aswan desert, extends over 37 square kilometers and will generate 1.5 GW, enough to provide…

Transparency, auditability, and accountability in software

The emergence of technologies like, artificial intelligence, machine learning models that learn and evolve from the use of big data, as well as digital ledger technology, blockchain, and smart contracts amplified the potential and scope for increased automated as well as autonomous systems in a software-driven world. An autonomous system, can learn, adapt…

Depending on the complexity of the agreement, it can be extremely difficult to correctly or adequately encode contract terms. A smart contract might execute as written and yet still behave in ways not foreseen by its writers.

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

How this young entrepreneur turned her hobby into a fintech startup powered by blockchain

Making money is hard but managing it is not as tough, says 23-year-old Smriti Tomar, who started InvestoAsia, a fintech startup based on blockchain technology this year. Gurugram- and Hong Kong-based InvestoAsia aims to help retail investors to easily invest in international markets, especially in China and South Korea, which Smriti feels is currently…

Our innovation is a one-stop platform that offers saving, investing, lending, borrowing, and spending under one umbrella. It has features such as international market exposure, automatic rebalancing, recurring deposits, and tax efficiency with the ability to self-direct your own, personalised investment strategy through our DIY financial tools.

Smriti Tomar, Founder, InvestoAsia

Electric car demand could see UK build a gigafactory for batteries ‘within three years’

A surge in electric vehicle demand within the next three years will require the UK to launch its first full-scale gigafactory for battery production, according to the boss of a research institute backed by the government. Neil Morris, chief executive of the Harwell-based Faraday Institution, believes an accelerated demand for electric vehicles through to 2023…

By the time you get to about 2023 demand in the UK will justify the first factory right here. A gigafactory is of the order of £1.5bn.

Neil Morris, chief executive of the Harwell-based Faraday Institution

Pxise: Operating the future grid, today

As higher concentrations of renewable energy and storage capacity come online, the control systems of today cannot solve the problem of a two-way predictable grid of the future. Enter Pxise Energy Solutions (pronounced “Pice”). Using real-time data and algorithms to make intelligent decisions, the company’s software technology is breaking down barriers for grids to…

In order to transition to a more automated system, you have to build in intelligence to gain information. And you also have to build it on a technology to address scalability and flexibility.

Patrick Lee, president and co-founder of Pxise, an offshoot of Sempra Energy

The Sun: The Life-Giving Magnet in the Sky

4.5 billion years ago, in the Orion Spur of the Milky Way galaxy, a swirling cloud of gas and dust collapsed under the weight of its own gravity. This so-called solar nebula spun faster and faster, and⁠—as it eventually flattened out⁠—most of that material drew toward the center, giving birth to our home star, the sun. The sun is the source of life as we know it. Without its…

Fuel-cell semis, Mini prices electric car, automakers take sides: The Week in Reverse

What company is naming its future vehicle the Ocean? And which electric-car model was approved to be a NYC yellow cab? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending November 1, 2019. We finished up the week with news that the federal government is requesting information from Tesla on all sorts of things…

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