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Next China: Who dominates blockchain?

Here’s a surprising sentence: the Politburo of the Communist Party of China held a special meeting to learn more about blockchain. The first reason that’s surprising is who. The Politburo is made up of China’s 25 most-senior officials, mostly in their sixties, and traditionally not a group known for being tech-savvy. Second is what. While blockchain is not only about…

New Li-ion battery design can charge electric cars to 80% in less than 10 minutes

One of the biggest hurdles that keep electric vehicles (EVs) from really taking off is autonomy. Thanks to rapid advances in battery technology, you can now drive some EVs for hundreds of kilometers at a time. This is more than enough for driving in a city or short and medium-sized commutes, but for other applications, that kind of mileage just doesn’t cut it…

Vattenfall to be key partner in Virgin Media Consortium to help revolutionize on-street electric vehicle charging

Liberty Global, one of the world’s leading converged video, broadband, and communications companies, today unveils details of a new project that utilizes the network infrastructure of its UK subsidiary, Virgin Media, to help revolutionize on-street electric vehicle charging. Vattenfall is a key partner in the delivery of this infrastructure…

By bringing more electric vehicle chargers and associated connectivity to Britain’s streets, we are making a significant contribution to Innovate UK’s ambition to encourage more people to buy electric cars. We’re excited to be working with a wide array of partners who each bring their own areas of expertise to this exciting and innovative project.

Jason Simpson, Vice President Global Energy and Utilities for Liberty Global

Partnership promises clean energy for off-grid Kenyans

A new partnership has been unveiled aiming to expand clean energy accessibility and tackle unsustainable battery waste in Kenya by repurposing old battery packs. Project partners include Aceleron, the UK developer of sustainable and reusable battery solutions, and Total Access to Energy Solutions (TATES), both of which are committed to providing off-grid…

Bringing affordable and clean power to off-grid communities is powerful – it enables education, grows livelihoods and builds economies.

Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO of Aceleron

These are the world’s best universities for recycling and sustainability

University students have high expectations for the institutions they attend when it comes to sustainability: 87% want to see it actively promoted; while just over half believe that sustainability should be included in their coursework. Times Higher Education has ranked universities around the world on how they are committing to some of the United Nations’…

Hydrogen Microgrid Demonstrated at Thailand Botanical Park and Research Center

A botanical garden in Thailand is trying to give a boost to the hydrogen microgrid concept, an approach that is still nascent. The 600-acre Nongooch Tropical Botanical Gardens in Pattaya set up a demonstration microgrid in early October to show that hydrogen can act as an energy storage solution for local grids, one that doesn’t require fossil fuels, according…

We, however, understand that green hydrogen microgrids are at a very early stage, and a growing number of integrators and microgrid planners are looking for alternatives to diesel generators. They are eager to learn about the potential of hydrogen for scalable and clean, long-term energy storage.

Enapter co-founder Vaitea Cowan

ACWA Power to build 200 MW solar PV plant in Egypt

Saudi Arabian energy and water company ACWA Power has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Egyptian government to develop, finance, construct and operate the 200 MW Kom Ombo photovoltaic plant. Construction is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2021, and once operational, the plant will provide the power to 130,000 households…

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