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AI, blockchain, and IoT convergence improves daily applications

AI, IoT, and blockchain are three of the most notable and complicated technological innovations facing enterprises today. Many organizations are awakening to these concepts, but few understand AI, blockchain and IoT convergence.
Consider organic systems as a metaphor for how these technological systems will interrelate. An organism has a central…

As connectivity and algorithms infuse every aspect of business and society, the need for accountability, security, access to data and, most importantly, trust is only growing.

Report: Battery Improvements Could ‘Spell Trouble’ for Natural Gas, ICE Vehicle Markets

In a new report, the independent nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) says that exploding investment in battery technologies is revolutionizing the sector much faster than expected. In turn, the report also highlights the growing threat of stranded assets in natural gas and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle markets. According to RMI’s…

We can now say with confidence that the age of affordable battery technology is coming, and it’s happening faster than anyone expected.

Madeline Tyson, senior associate at RMI and lead author of the report

Next-Generation Havelaar Powertrain Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Canada-based company Havelaar recently garnered international attention for its game-changing powertrain solutions for all-electric vehicles by being named on the prestigious 50 to Watch list from the Cleantech Group. The company’s all-electric powertrain technology also won this year’s Commercial Vehicle Cleantech Challenge, a competition for viable…

Tesla revives its clean energy business with new version of its solar roof tiles

Tesla’s newly released version of solar roof tiles is promising to be a better green energy alternative. For one, it is easier to install than traditional shingles. Plus, these new Tesla tiles are more cost-effective than purchasing a new roof with separate solar panels. Because of the innovative upgrades, Tesla CEO Elon Musk optimistically projects the company…

Blockchain-based carbon exchange launched

A global blockchain-based carbon exchange was launched yesterday, offering a marketplace for airlines and other corporate buyers to trade securitised carbon emissions. The AirCarbon Exchange, by Singapore-based company AirCarbon, will provide a ready supply of credits called eligible emission units (EEUs) for those in the transportation industry to acquire…

We aim to make the AirCarbon token the easiest and most streamlined instrument for the trading of Corsia EEUs globally.

Mr Edwin Khew, Seas’ chairman and AirCarbon’s chairman and co-founder

Qualcomm-Backed Particle Banks $40M to Expand IoT Platform

Particle today closed another round of funding to advance and expand its full stack IoT platform into more enterprise markets. The company raised $40 million in Series C funding led by Qualcomm Ventures and Energy Impact Partners, which also included seven existing investors…

We have the largest developer community in the [IoT] industry. Almost 200,000 folks build their products on Particle. Every prototype that is built with Particle has the potential of turning into 100,000 devices out in the field in a few years.

CEO Zach Supalla

World Bank Looks Forward to Nigerian Minigrid Boom

The World Bank expects a boom in Nigeria’s minigrid sector as the multilateral development bank and Nigerian government introduce an auction as part of a five-year, $550 million minigrid tender. The tender is part of a minigrid and solar home electrification program that has been running since June. Speaking at an industry conference held in London in…

Every project is unique and has its own surprises during the execution phase. This one was no different. The important thing is to have an experienced and committed project execution team that is able to handle all these issues, so the final outcome is positive.

Mytilenos’s Antigone Fakou

How The Cities Of The World Can Achieve Game-Changing Urban Sustainability

Our world is undergoing its most rapid urbanization in history. Iconic cities, such as New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai are the most recent in an ancient tradition of urban settlements, as old as the story of civilization itself. From Venetian blinds and Damascus steel to Hyderabadi Biryani and Calico fabric, history demonstrates…

Consumers pilot to test storage batteries could lead to grid improvements

Consumers Energy Co. is testing battery storage capabilities in three pilot projects that could help customers cut costs, limit time without electricity during outages, reduce grid problems and possibly stave off future brownouts. During the summer, the Jackson-based energy company began installing batteries in 50 homes in Caledonia, a suburb of Grand Rapids, in…

We are conducting this pilot to test and measure how aggregated battery storage may have the potential to offer benefits to Michigan’s electric grid and our customers.

Ryan Kiley, Consumers’ executive director of product development

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