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Samsung Creates A Blockchain Platform SDK For Developers And Users

Popular South Korean tech giant, Samsung has revealed its plans to develop a blockchain platform SDK for developers and users. According to a post on Nuggets news’ Twitter handle, the electronics giant will officially make an announcement at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19). At the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19) which…

The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK will be announced at SDC19 and is a comprehensive solution that tackles two of the biggest obstacles in expanding the DApp ecosystem: security and the complexity of building a mobile-compatible DApp.


CEO of Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency talks investment opportunities

An exclusive interview with Mrs Damilola Ogunbiyi, managing director/CEO of the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria, maps out future opportunities in Nigeria’s energy sector and the challenges hindering progress. Mrs Ogunbiyi is an industry expert and programme advisor for the upcoming Future Energy Nigeria in Lagos from 12-13 November…

Zombie technologies of electric vehicles: wireless charging

We’ve all seen it: great new technologies with huge potential from a central promise to revolutionize what we do. However, each comes with a challenging list of problems that — when viewed objectively — relegate the technology to prototype form with limited commercial value. These problems could include available technology, cost, business model…

India pushing public sector companies to embrace renewable energy

India’s move away from fossil fuels has taken another significant step forward with its government ordering its public sector companies to buy renewables. The Asian nation is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels – along with China – with almost 75 percent of the country’s power coming from coal. India is also responsible for around 40 percent of the world’s…

‘Living laboratory’: New Dubai city pushes for green revolution in the desert

Fenced off by a wall of trees, about 20 km from the high rises towering over Dubai’s city center, there lies a small solar-powered settlement aiming to become a green oasis in the desert. Renowned for its glitzy skyscrapers, air-conditioning-blasting shopping malls, and indoor skiing facilities, the emirate of Dubai has long been the antithesis of sustainability to…

The Sustainable City is a living laboratory for testing future technologies and solutions.

Karim El-Jisr, head of SEE Institute, the research arm of the city’s developer, Diamond Developers

Energy storage: Could skyscrapers house the green batteries of the future?

Scottish start-up has devised a 24MW energy storage system comprising 24 weights of 500 tonnes, which says it could be installed in the foundations of new skyscrapers. City skyscrapers could in future be used to house large “green batteries” in their underground foundations, according to a Scottish start-up behind an innovative new form of energy storage. Gravitricity…

In the early years we will install our technology in disused mineshafts as this will help keep the cost down.

Gravitricity managing director Charlie Blair

How The Cities Of The World Can Achieve Game-Changing Urban Sustainability

Our world is undergoing its most rapid urbanization in history. Iconic cities, such as New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai are the most recent in an ancient tradition of urban settlements, as old as the story of civilization itself. From Venetian blinds and Damascus steel to Hyderabadi Biryani and Calico fabric, history demonstrates…

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