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Ex-Official Trolls Libra, Says China Likely to Issue Digital Currency First

A former high-ranking Congressional official said China’s central bank is likely to be the first to issue its own national digital currency, as he contended that Libra was doomed to fail. Speaking at the Shanghai Bund Summit, Huang Qifan, former deputy director of the Congressional Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, explained how the national…

I think the technology is getting more mature, and it is highly likely that China’s central bank will be the first to issue a national digital currency.

Huang Qifan

VP launches first-of-its-kind four future-focused laboratories

Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that the UAE has set a pioneering role model in designing the future thanks to its proactive strategies and ability to plan for and forecast changes and developments in major economic and technological sectors. Sheikh Mohammed’s…

Today, we have launched four innovative labs that will focus on predicting the future of aviation, energy, blockchain and entrepreneurship. Our end goal is to make these labs a hub for launching future-oriented innovations that will eventually upgrade our business and service sectors.

Sheikh Mohammed

Huge Battery Investments Drop Energy-Storage Costs Faster Than Expected, Threatening Natural Gas

The global energy transition is happening faster than the models predicted, according to a report released today by the Rocky Mountain Institute, thanks to massive investments in the advanced-battery technology ecosystem. Previous and planned investments total $150 billion through 2023, RMI calculates—the equivalent of every person in the world chipping…

These investments will push both Li-ion and new battery technologies across competitive thresholds for new applications more quickly than anticipated.

Rocky Mountain Institute

Singapore to ramp up solar energy production by 2030; ‘one in two’ HDB rooftops to have solar panels by 2020

SINGAPORE — By next year, Housing and Development Board (HDB) residents can expect to see one in two flats sporting solar panels on their rooftops. And by 2030, Singapore aims to produce at least two gigawatt-peak (GWp) of solar energy, said Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing on Tuesday (Oct 29). That would be enough to power around…

Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry, report says

Offshore wind power will expand impressively over the next two decades, boosting efforts to decarbonize energy systems and reduce air pollution as it becomes a growing part of electricity supply, according to an International Energy Agency report published Friday. Offshore Wind Outlook 2019 is the most comprehensive global study on the subject to date…

In the past decade, two major areas of technological innovation have been game-changers in the energy system by substantially driving down costs: the shale revolution and the rise of solar PV.

Dr. Fatih Birol, the IEA’s executive director

Meet the Aussie startup delivering solar minigrids to remote communities from a ping-pong table

Meet Afnan Hannan, CEO, and co-founder of Okra Solar, an Aussie startup looking to eradicate energy poverty using solar minigrids that has already been recognized with a global sustainability award and a best IoT startup award.

We’re a bunch of people who met up over the internet and decided to come to Cambodia. The decision involved getting paid $0 or very little, some working second jobs remotely, just so we could try and figure out if energy can be delivered to remote communities in a much better way.

Okra Solar co-founder and CEO Afnan Hannan

Musk’s Tesla among alternative power companies offering help, seeking business boost from blackouts

As power cuts in California become the norm, Tesla founder Elon Musk joined the ranks of alternative power producers looking to help others keep the lights on, but also lift their business. On Monday Musk tweeted that anyone directly affected by the California wildfire power outages is eligible to receive a $1,000 discount on Tesla’s solar panel and battery storage…

We don’t make much money on this product, so $1000 actually means a lot.


Corruption and electricity costs: The bane of the Caribbean

Economic development in the Caribbean is hobbled by high electricity prices, a result of the subregion’s historic dependence on imported oil and gas and the troublesome reality that even on larger islands there are too few people to attract widescale foreign investment. Corruption also dogs many Caribbean energy markets…

Related to energy and corruption is the whole issue of the fact that the Caribbean has among the highest electricity costs in the world.

Marla Dukharan, chief economist at Bitt

Terna Energy to invest EUR 250 million in renewables in Greece

Greek energy group Terna Energy has announced EUR 250 million in new investments in renewable energy sources in Greece. Continuing its investment program in Greece, Terna is implementing new investments of more than EUR 250 million in the clean energy production sector, the company has said on its website. In 2019 the company began its investment…

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