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China Approves a new law To Commercialize Blockchain Technology

China is trying to become a region of importance again, at least where cryptocurrencies are concerned. Despite banning the trading of Bitcoin and altcoins several years ago, things are slowly changing in the country. The new cryptography law that passed in the country will go into effect on January 1, 2020. The main order of business is to embrace…

StorEn Technologies Has Created A New Grid-Scale Flow Battery Application

StorEn Technologies patented fluid dynamic Multigrids system eliminates one of the major technical obstacles in scaling up the stack size of flow batteries. StorEn’s Multigrids™ will enable the construction of large TITANstack™ stacks featuring a current running with thousands of amps (for grid-scale vanadium flow batteries). This innovation…

StorEn’s Multigrids™ technology enables the construction of stacks with a current of thousands amps. These are the largest stacks in the industry, leading to considerable simplification of the battery architecture and significant reduction in cost/kWh and cost/cycle.

StorEn’s Chief Technology Officer, Angelo D’Anzi

How geared up is South Africa for electric vehicles?

In the upcoming third episode of On the Edge of Change, our series on climate change, sea-level rise and the SEAmester programme aboard the research vessel the SA Agulhas II, the scientists we interviewed repeatedly emphasised the importance of targeting politicians and other policymakers, in order for them to push policies that will reduce our collective carbon…

Eskom is actively involved in the EV sector as the primary electricity supplier for vehicle charging. Eskom’s main objective is to craft special tariffs for EV owners to charge their vehicles at off-peak times, thereby helping to flatten the demand patterns outside peak periods and ensure affordable power for EV owners.


112 EV Charging Stations To Be Installed Around Iceland

According to The Iceland Review and an announcement from the Government of Iceland’s website, a grant of over ISK 30 million will help support the shift to electric cars and other electric vehicles in Iceland by increasing charging infrastructure. In fact, the new capacity will be for the charging of 110 electric vehicles at any given time. The project is…

How The Military Will Spark The Death Of Fossil Fuels

Catastrophic climate change is just around the corner. The top scientists are unified in the stance that the window is rapidly closing for the global community to decarbonize before we reach a tipping point. We are running out of time to avoid irreparable harm to the environment with consequences that we cannot walk back. A preteen girl sailed across…

Climate change is a security threat primarily because it multiplies and complicates existing security risks.

Stars and Stripes

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