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Blockchain Is Decrypting Africa’s Future In Renewables

Just a few years ago, the notion of a consumer-driven energy sector was unheard of, much less within the African context. Fast-forward to 2019, and blockchain is opening a new energy chapter, driven by smart technologies. Africa is a bustling hive of activity. From the vibrant creative cosmopolitan hub of Cape Town to the cultural and industrialized…

A new renewable energy regime gives us the opportunity to reconfigure society in ways that are more just and blockchain may offer some viable solutions.

At the biggest electric vehicle test drive event, the new cars aren’t even the most interesting

Last month sales of new cars in Australia declined for the 18th consecutive month, a worrying trend that is often used to reflect the general health of the economy. For the first six months of this year, new car sales fell 8.4 percent, but in contrast, electric vehicle sales have been on an absolute tear, doubling in the same period. Part of the reason for this is more vehicles…

At that stage lithium batteries had just started to be used in a couple conversions. With lead acid batteries this car would do about 30 kilometres, which is not really much.

Anthony Burke

Farewell, oil: It’s time to turn our backs on an old friend

They heat our homes, power the coffee maker and keep the factories that make our clothes running. They serve as raw material for our yogurt cups, transport us to work and bring food to the shops. Fossil fuels—oil, coal and natural gas—are with us in every area of our lives. Coal, a densely packed fossil fuel, is an excellent energy carrier. The downside is that its…

Of course we’ll manage. Different sectors are becoming fossil-free at different paces: first electricity, then heat and finally transport.

Aalto University Assistant Professor Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio

Ford, GM, BMW, and Others are Jointly Developing Blockchain-Powered Vehicle History PoC

Automobiles giants including GM, Ford, BMW, Renault, and Honda among others, are coming together to leverage blockchain technology to explore new and disruptive ways to manufacture cars and diversify revenue streams. This, according to a Forbes report published on October 24, 2019.
Before being razed to the ground because of the foreign manufacturing of…

We are moving towards a new era of mobility as a service and creating an economy for pay-for-use, connected vehicles with car wallets and tokens.

Lucy Hakobyan, head of the program at MOBI and a former PwC senior associate

First city in the US to hit historic energy milestone explains how it happened

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Almost every morning for the last 35 years, a 21-car-train pulls into Burlington, Vermont, with roughly 1,500 tons of wood chips that help power the city. Wood burning represents 30% of Burlington’s power grid, and 20% comes from solar panels and wind turbines. In 2014, when Burlington opened a hydro plant, that took over the remaining 50% of …

We had our challenges at the beginning. There were a lot of growing pains that we went through.

David MacDonnell

Op-ed: Grid inertia and why it matters in a renewable world

General Electric will demolish the 750 MW Inland Empire Energy Center (IEEC) in California that has 20 years remaining in its useful life. With solar and wind dominating the grid, the plant has been deemed uneconomical after operating well below capacity for several years. The site will be used for a new battery storage facility. The good news in terms of a zero-carbon…

When inertia decreases, sudden changes in frequency caused by a change in electricity consumption or production are faster and larger. This means that it is more difficult to keep the frequency within its normal range of variation.

Minna Laasonen, senior advisor at Fingrid, the transmission operator in Finland

Australia’s pipeline of renewable energy projects swells over 130 GW

With 2019 already a record year for utility solar, wind and storage project proposals, Norwegian-based energy analyst Rystad Energy predicts Australia’s renewables boom could see coal-fired generation extinct by 2040. According to the Australian National University (ANU), the unprecedented growth in generation from wind and solar can slash Australia’s carbon…

New projects proposed in 2019 represent almost A$60 billion in potential investment, with large-scale solar farms leading the charge.

David Dixon, a senior analyst on Rystad Energy’s renewables team

Sustainable energy leader Costa Rica holds its first green technology fair

Eco-friendly Costa Rica held its very first green technology fair this month. It was free and open to the public. The First International Fair of Green Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (FIVERAC) was held at the Costa Rica Convention Center in San José. It showcased sustainable residential, commercial, and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning…

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