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Resurgence of Algae in Biotech: From Fuels to Foods

Algal biofuel was a biotech disaster: A victim of over-hyping the potential of the field and over-eager VCs clamoring to get in on a hot new trend. But it was not an unmitigated disaster. Many algal biofuel companies pivoted successfully to exploit other valuable algal products, opening up the market of algal-based foods beyond Asia and into western markets and…

I think that they are heavily underused and heavily undervalued. The fact that it is becoming very hot in the market right now has everything to do with their ability to use, for example, carbon dioxide, and the extensive possibilities that algae have – they are plants! It’s as simple as that.

Dr. Rob Agterberg of Back of the Yard Algal Sciences (BYAS)

Singapore’s Blockchain Map Proves That It Is a Hotbed for Blockchain Innovation

Singapore has long established itself as the leading fintech hub in South East Asia, of late it also increasingly becoming a hotbed for blockchain innovation. The city-state is home a healthy blockchain ecosystem comprising numerous players tackling areas ranging from asset tokenization, trading, and custody, to insurance, digital identity, and custody, to insurance…

Rural folks energy potential untapped

The rate at which fossil fuels are burnt has led to high amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere resulting in increased global temperatures hence climate change. According to the CIA, more than 66 percent of electricity generated globally is from fossil fuels, while eight percent is from nuclear energy; both are nonrenewable sources of energy…

It is about time African nations looked beyond politics and supported innovative minds. Renewable energy is the present and future. Invest in several small renewable energy power initiatives instead of putting billions of money in fossil fuels.

America’s largest floating solar project completed

Floating solar has long been an interesting technology, yet one that has been overshadowed by the prevalence of traditional PV and the inherent risks that water poses to solar projects. On the last day of last year, it was pegged by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) as a “rapidly emerging technology,” with a corresponding…

Schneider Electric and Excellerate launch agile microgrid solution

Excellerate, an innovator of manufactured electrical components and assemblies, and Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, have launched the Xcape by Excellerate Energy Microgrid. Xcape is an agile microgrid solution designed for quick deployment and installation, helping deliver power when needed…

The dynamics of our electricity system are shifting to the point that reliable access to electricity is no longer a given from the main power system alone. The Xcape microgrid offers businesses and communities an alternative to being without power because of severe weather, natural disasters or planned system outages.

Don Wingate, vice president utility & microgrid Solutions, Schneider Electric


East Parkside, a neighborhood in West Philadelphia, is tucked between the Philadelphia Zoo and the Please Touch Museum, with Fairmount Park nestled along its northern border. But despite its proximity to these popular attractions, East Parkside is economically neglected. It has a poverty rate of 36 percent, as well as an abundance of vacant, blighted land. While these…

It would make this process a lot easier if we had more progressive public policy around solar energy. So we are advocating for that and we do see a change coming in the not-so-distant future. But until that it’s going to be a grind.

Chris Spahr, executive director of CPCDC

Are Investments In Greentech Making A Comeback? Here’s What The Future Holds For The Sector

According to the 2018 Bloomberg New Energy Finance report, investments in clean energy totaled over $332 billion. Though that sounds like a lot of money, when put into context, it’s a number down 8% from the investments made in the sector just one year earlier. But despite this downtrend, investors are seeing that the rapidly-changing landscape of environmental…

…make sure that everyone on the planet can enjoy a good standard of living, including basic electricity, healthy food, comfortable buildings, and convenient transportation, without contributing to climate change.

 Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Jacksonville plant manufacturers energy storage for Australian company

Saft’s Jacksonville facility recently completed its first Australian electricity distribution project. Ergon Energy Network, an Australian electricity distribution network has deployed 20 Saft Intensium Mini lithium-ion energy storage systems at 13 different sites in Queensland over four years. The 20 systems were manufactured in Saft’s Jacksonville location that…

Moixa and Energia partner for intelligent grid management

Moixa, an energy technology company that manufactures smart solar batteries and GridShare software, and Irish energy supplier, Energia, have announced a partnership to demonstrate how smart home batteries, rooftop solar and electric vehicles (EVs) can deliver valuable flexibility to the grid. The innovative partnership will include a flagship project to create…

This partnership puts Ireland at the vanguard of the digital energy revolution – delivering a cost-effective, innovative and reliable power system and acting as a blueprint for others across the world.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa

This rental company is going all-in on electric in Bermuda. Other countries are taking note

Scientists claim melting glaciers could raise sea-levels and submerge populated islands — including Bermuda — in the process. Those same scientists say lowering greenhouse gas emissions, by replacing combustion engine vehicles with electric, could slow or halt the process. And some islanders are taking the matter into their own hands. Or at least that’s the…

Current Vehicles is an electric vehicle rental company that integrates with an app to provide users with local knowledge to help them best explore their environment. This includes access to pre-planned day-trips, informative audio guides, useful tips, and a curated listing of things to do and places to go. Armed with this knowledge, and one of our zippy two-seater EVs, our renters can go out and create their own adventures.

Piers Carr, Current Vehicles cofounder

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