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Commentary: Will auto companies bring blockchain into real-world supply chains first?

At The New York Supply Chain Meetup we have held several events focused on supply chain and blockchain. During each of those events we have tried to figure out what it will take for blockchain, or some other distributed ledger technology, to become widely applied in a real-world industrial supply chain. Naturally, an unspoken question during these discussions is…

By bridging automated infrastructure with principles of market design, our intelligent infrastructure is becoming more integrated with our economy. Imagine a future where the digital twin of a truck not only identifies a need for preventative maintenance but can follow all the way through to confirming and paying for that work.

Michael Zargham

7 smart innovations from Southeast Asia to speed up the energy transition

Southeast Asia is a region that is developing rapidly at an unfortunate period in human history. As the climate change clock ticks, the region of 641 million people must chart a developmental path that decouples the fossil fuel-dependent economic model of the past with a future that is expected to see global temperatures rise by, at the current rate of emissions, about 3…

Australian government commits to funding microgrid research

The Australian government has announced it will provide funding for feasibility studies into microgrids. Government support is expected to help fuel a boom of the technology in Australia. Microgrids are defined as an energy source that operates locally. They are suited to isolated regions and may be linked to the traditional grid network, though they may be able to…

The grants will fund community organizations, electricity distribution businesses and other interested entities to undertake feasibility studies on the viability of microgrid solutions in off-grid and fringe-of-grid locations.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor

Rio to Produce Lithium in California, Joining Electric Car Battery Race

(Bloomberg) — Rio Tinto Group is starting pilot production of lithium in California and will consider an expansion to become the top domestic supplier in the U.S. as the world’s biggest miners look to boost their exposure to the electric car battery revolution. Work to reprocess waste piles from a 90-year-old mining site in Boron has successfully produced lithium carbonate…

If the trials continue to prove successful, this has the potential to become America’s largest domestic producer of battery-grade lithium — all without the need for further mining.

Bold Baatar, chief executive officer of Rio’s energy and minerals division

Art deco meets the future in the Hyundai fuel cell semi-truck concept

Design in the early- to mid-20th century was full of optimism. Art deco and the “rocket age” look became staples. Hyundai is tapping into those feelings for an area that often isn’t full of creativity: semi-trucks. This dark image is our first look at the Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered semi-truck that looks like something from a cross between Tron and…

Zero-emission trucks will play a major part in taking carbon out of the environment.


Lack of investment in clean energy risks leaving world’s poorest behind

People in some of the world’s poorest countries are at risk of being left even further behind because of a lack of investment in renewable energy and clean sources of cooking, a report warns. A report by the organizations Sustainable Energy for All and the Climate Policy Initiative has mapped investment into electricity and clean cooking sources in…

Sub-Saharan Africa is getting left behind and we are seeing that the divide in access to electricity and clean cooking finance is putting economic development on hold.

Dr Barbara Buchner, one of the report’s authors

Gridtential Energy and Crown Battery Build New Silicon Wafer Battery that Combines the Best of Lead and Lithium-ion Performance

Using technology similar to a solar cell, Gridtential Energy’s breakthrough Silicon Joule™ technology allows batteries to deliver up to 5X the power density with up to a 40% weight reduction – and it can be manufactured in current lead battery plants. Silicon Joule™ technology replaces the lead-grid and cell connecting, lead-strap material inside a traditional lead battery…

Industrialization is a key step in bringing innovation to an industry and we are very pleased to see Silicon Joule batteries being produced seamlessly on the production floor at Crown Battery.

John Barton, CEO of Gridtential Energy

Renewable energy is booming. But it’s not growing fast enough to fight climate change

Nearly a third of the Earth’s electricity will come from renewables by 2024, according to the International Energy Agency. Renewable power capacity is expected to surge by 50% globally in the next five years, “meteoric” growth that is equivalent to the amount of electricity currently churned out by America’s power plants, the energy watchdog said in a report published on…

They still need to be growing far more strongly in order to achieve long-term sustainable energy goals.

Fatih Birol, the IEA’s executive director

UK firm announces plans for first ‘liquid to gas’ cryogenic battery

British battery pioneers plan to build Europe’s largest energy storage project using a cryogenic battery that can store renewable energy for weeks rather than hours. The device will be built on the site of an old fossil fuel plant in the north of England to power up to 50,000 homes for up to five hours. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, which typically store…

More and more power plants are going to be decommissioned, and we are bringing a solution which can use the same energy infrastructure and grid connections to give a new life to these sites.

Javier Cavada, The chief executive of Highview Power

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