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From waste to wealth: Researchers to transform anaerobic digestion

Every year, a staggering amount of organic waste including uneaten food, yard clippings, and manure is dumped into landfills, occupying precious land while producing methane and other gases that pollute the atmosphere. For Colorado State University engineers, this 115 million tons of waste represents not a calamity, but an opportunity – to turn that waste into…

Broadly speaking, we want to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of waste treatment by producing a more valuable product and releasing less carbon dioxide.

Ken Reardon, professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Blockchain’s role in energy supply chains and the fight against climate change

As world leaders gathered in New York amid simmering tensions in the Middle East, two topics dominated September’s UN General Assembly, at times provoking fiery debate. The recent attacks on key Saudi Arabian oil facilities prompted questions about how to secure the vital Oil & Gas supply chain and ensure the effectiveness of sanctions to counter everything…

Volvo Scraps Hybrids To Focus On All-Electric Vehicles

Volvo hopes to become a fully electric car brand by 2025, therefore, the Swedish brand will be scrapping all hybrids. According to chief executive Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo plans to end petrol and hybrid model production to evolve into an all-electric only automaker in the near future.
The company’s current target is to have all-electric vehicles account for…

We have shown our strategy to electrify, not by doing one car, we did it the expensive way of adopting a new platform so all future cars will be either electric or hybrid – it is up to the customer.

Chief executive Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo

Microgrids Heat up South Africa’s Water

Spurred on by a conversation with his father about the expense of operating an electric boiler for hot water, André Nel, founder of South Africa-based Eco-V, set out in search of a solution. That led to a technology, GreenTower, that uses hybrid solar microgrids to treat and heat borehole water.
“The solution we have found a viable financial model for is to combine electricity and…

We are working on implementing the first four of 50 old age homes, then the balance over the next two years as we finalize the financial models for each of the homes.

André Nel, founder of South Africa-based Eco-V


LAWRENCE — Farming communities across the U.S. are struggling. They face challenges such as low prices for agricultural products, high prices for energy and fertilizer, pollution from runoff and waste, and depleting water supplies. They also have opportunities such as the ability to produce large amounts of energy locally using new technologies and…

Together we will envision and evaluate ways that local renewable energy can be viably used to solve local agricultural problems, such as water degradation and depletion. We will evaluate the circumstances under which this approach can invigorate the local economy and supply food for the world.

Mary Hill, University of Kansas professor of geology

Solar-powered prefab home comes move-in ready is a turducken of housing buzzwords: The 3D-printed prefab house integrates smart home technology and can also go off-grid. Since’s founding in 2016, the company has been making and testing homes that generate their own energy. Now, the company is ready to start shipping the homes to homes are designed to retain…

We developed a patented composite polymer insulation that can also be 3D-printed into a construction material for building walls.’s CEO Max Gerbut

Siemens and VDL Shape Future Tech for Electrical Charging

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in the market continues to grow, so do the requirements for a robust charging infrastructure. Recognizing the need for electric buses and trucks to be charged flexibly and efficiently, Siemens and VDL Bus & Coach, have joined efforts to come up with innovative solutions for depots. Siemens has installed the latest…

The charging technology from Siemens allows us to test different eBus and eTruck technologies in combination with charging stations and an energy storage system.

Menno Kleingeld, managing director at VDL Enabling Transport Solutions

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