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Google Promises $150M for Renewables to Green Manufacturing Footprint

Google on Tuesday announced it will spend $150 million on renewable energy projects in “key manufacturing regions” for its products, including Nest, with a goal to encourage $1.5 billion in capital investment for renewables. Details on the commitment were scarce. Because the deals are yet to be negotiated, the technology giant could not confirm whether it…

Off-The-Grid Luxury In The Living Vehicle 2020

Last year, I wrote about Living Vehicle (LV) for Forbes, which was described as a “mobile living space” by its architect and CEO, Matthew Hofmann. Together with his wife, Joanna, Hofmann set out in 2017 to design and build a vehicle that was not only a stylish way to get off the grid but in the long run, aimed to be completely self-supporting and literally produce

Electricity Alleviates Poverty Through the Electrify Africa Act

SEATTLE, Washington — The Obama Administration made the electrification of Africa a major policy initiative during its second term. In 2013, this administration launched a multilateral partnership between the American government, African governments, and various development partners to expand the electricity grid in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative…

From the Military to Retail Businesses: How Use of Microgrids is Growing

Declining costs and new financing models put microgrids within reach for a variety of businesses and institutions. But early on, the military and research universities paved the way with the technology. In the United States, the military’s use of microgrids grew out of a strategic initiative to improve its energy security. The Army has made microgrids part of its…

In some markets demand charges account for as much as 50% of a business’ electric bill. So microgrid use offers the possibility of significant savings.

Australian Vanadium sells vanadium redox flow battery to a dairy farm in Victoria

Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX:AVL) has secured an order for a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage system from a dairy farm in Meredith, Victoria. In collaboration with renewable systems provider Profit Share Power Pty Ltd, AVL’s subsidiary VSUN Energy will install a 450kW solar system with an 80kW power, 320kWh energy storage VRFB at…

Having two markets to supply means that there is a floor to the price, reducing the commodity’s volatility.

Electric revolution: As EV demand increases, can utilities and cities keep up?

The number of U.S. electric vehicles is expected to skyrocket in the coming decades. But how are cities and utilities preparing for that influx? In a two-part special report, we’re publishing today and tomorrow, Utility Dive and Smart Cities Dive explore that question from both the urban planning and power sector perspectives. As the adoption of plug-in vehicles and…

Most cities are in the early stages of electrification.

Lang Reynolds, Duke Energy’s director of electrification strategy

110 Chinese Companies To Take Part In WETEX 2019 And Dubai Solar Show

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced the participation of 102 Chinese companies in the 21st Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2019), and 8 Chinese companies in the fourth Dubai Solar Show, which runs concurrently with WETEX, the region’s largest renewable and sustainable energy exhibition….

China’s extensive participation in WETEX is of paramount importance as they are the world’s largest investor in renewable energy.

Hydrogen push puts focus on research and development

An international commitment to fast-track the development of hydrogen energy worldwide has again put the focus on research to boost the role of Queensland and Australia in the new energy market. The recent Hydrogen Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo, which brought together ministers and delegates from more than 30 countries including Australia, announced a…

These projects allow a sustainable transition to the production, handling and use of hydrogen and related technologies within the broader energy industry – attributes that feature prominently in the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy and in the development of the National Hydrogen strategy.

Building a ‘nervous system’ for smart cities

Smart cities are no longer a utopian dream of the future. Thanks to a slew of innovative and game-changing technologies, they are already active and growing quickly. Smart cities could be described as the junction between three main areas, namely digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and economic performance. They can be described as a…

According to Huawei, over the next ten years, smart cities will completely revolutionise everything about our daily lives, and the way we work, travel, take care of our health and live. Forward-thinking nations are already formulating strategies to turn these visions into reality.

Dairies plug into cow power

On Oct. 10, California Bioenergy LLC (CalBio) in Visalia and Bloom Energy in San Jose announced the first commercially viable technology to capture methane gas from cow manure and use an electrochemical process to store the energy into fuel cells that can power electric vehicles. The collaboration combines CalBio’s dairy digester technology with Bloom Energy’s solid…

This is a great example of the partnerships needed to advance technologies from the Silicon Valley and agriculturally rich Central Valley in order to move the needle further in renewable energy from dairies.

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