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From waste to wealth: Researchers to transform anaerobic digestion

Every year, a staggering amount of organic waste including uneaten food, yard clippings, and manure is dumped into landfills, occupying precious land while producing methane and other gases that pollute the atmosphere. For Colorado State University engineers, this 115 million tons of waste represents not a calamity, but an opportunity – to turn that waste into…

Broadly speaking, we want to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of waste treatment by producing a more valuable product and releasing less carbon dioxide.

Ken Reardon, professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Blockchain to Store Human DNA

Biomedical research carries immense potential for the medical industry when coupled with A.I. and machine learning. However, progress in the field is slow because researchers lack the necessary amount of individual human genomes. Thus, companies turn to blockchain technology for answers, which offers the means to address underlying concerns…

Anything less than 100.000 genomes isn’t going to be useful to anyone.

Noah Zimmerman, the director of Mount Sinai’s Center for Biomedical Research

Climate Change Will Require Heavy Lifting

As the global hunger for electricity grows and the transition to solar and wind accelerates, more and more effective electricity storage technologies are urgently required to handle the challenges of scale, intermittency, and the stress of ubiquitous usage by billions of consumers. Storage of intermittent solar and wind electricity is crucial to enable round-the-clock…

Are Concrete Blocks the Next Batteries?

In August 2019, the Japanese multinational holding firm SoftBank invested $110 million in Swiss company Energy Vault. It was a major boon for the company, which has a somewhat unique take on renewables: It stores potential energy through the use of stacked concrete blocks. Energy Vault will use the investment to build its first two full-scale models in Italy and…

We at the Vision Fund want to come in when a technology is proven and it’s ready to scale. That’s what’s so exciting about this technology. It’s not a science problem. It’s fifth-grade physics.

Akshay Naheta, a managing partner of SoftBank’s Vision Fund

Battery company Powervault leverages Kaluza’s tech platform to reach UK consumers

British battery storage system manufacturer Powervault is backing a recent agreement with energy tech platform Kaluza to help expand its reach in its home market. Earlier this week Powervault announced that it had penned an integration agreement with Kaluza, which will see the former’s home battery units incorporated into the latter’s flexibility provision platform…

While we haven’t finalised exactly the consumer proposition as yet, it’s clear that if you can offer an additional benefit and get some reward for doing that, it’s going to make the return better.

Joe Warren, chief executive at Powervault

To Go Green, the Energy Industry Goes Open Source

The European Union aims to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050. Former California Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order last year calling for the state, the fifth-largest economy in the world, to go carbon neutral by 2045. Meeting these goals, or even the less ambitious goals set by other governments, will require utilities to buy more…

The energy industry isn’t known for being innovative. I think we’re quite a traditional industry.

Loek Bakker, head of information management at Dutch energy distribution company TenneT

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