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Top 10 countries with the most sustainable energy systems

European nations have been leading the way in terms of human prosperity and progress. So, I wasn’t surprised to see them near the top of the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Index, which assesses a country’s ability to provide sustainable energy. Here we take a look at the top 10 countries with the most sustainable energy systems, based on the WEC’s…

Vigor Completes Construction of Massive Wave Energy Buoy

Vigor Industrial of Portland, Oregon, has completed construction of the 826-ton “OE Buoy” for an Irish company, Ocean Energy. The buoy was preparing for launch from the company’s Swan Island shipyard on Thursday, October 10, to begin its journey to Oahu, Hawaii. The buoy, which measures 125 x 59 feet with a draft of 31 feet, has a potential rated capacity of up to 1.25 MW…

We are thrilled to be participating in this project with Ocean Energy toward the ongoing goal of a cleaner energy future for our planet. This project represents a solid step forward in developing a commercially viable product to help move us in that critical direction.

Vigor CEO Frank Foti

Our View: How green will our future be?

October is National Energy Awareness Month, and the 2019 edition comes during an era of national energy policy backtracking to the fossil-fuel days. First, it is clear fossil fuels are the planet’s primary energy sources, have been for generations and likely will be into the future — at least in the near future. That timeline is a safe assumption, based on surveys showing that…

Better Batteries

Hopes that renewable energy could blunt the worst of climate change used to face a seemingly insurmountable hurdle: the need for better batteries. After all, the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. But those better batteries are on their way, thanks to a myriad of small improvements that will both add life to the phone in your pocket and…

Anglo, Engie to roll out ‘world’s largest’ hydrogen truck

Back in April of this year, in the miner’s presentation on ‘2018 Sustainable Development Performance’, Anglo’s technical director Tony O’Neill said the aim was to have “a truck running around using hydrogen” within 12 months.
Accordingly, the new project is part of Anglo’s FutureSmart Mining programme, which aims to address mining’s sustainability challenges…

Anglo American’s global footprint and its journey to operational carbon neutrality are aligned with Engie’s strategy to develop large-scale integrated hydrogen solutions in local and global markets.

Michele Azalbert, CEO of Engie’s hydrogen business

Our energy grid is vulnerable. Locally sourced power may be the answer

This week, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company took the unprecedented step of cutting power to nearly 750,000 Northern California customers, including much of the UC Berkeley campus, in an effort to mitigate the risk that active transmission lines could spark a wildfire during dry and windy conditions. Berkeley News spoke with Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier…

What’s unique about the Ecoblock is that we intend to aggregate multiple residential customers, say a dozen or so properties, that didn’t previously have that much to do with each other, and connect them on a microgrid separate from PG&E where they would be sharing the same storage resource.

 Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier, an adjunct professor of electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley

Electric Vehicle Charging Management – Battery Charging vs. Swapping in Densely Populated Environments

With limitations on fossil fuels and an increase in the amount of released emissions, the transportation sector is being redesigned. The use of Electric Vehicles (EV) instead of harmful emission releasing Internal Combustion Engine vehicles (ICEV) proposes to not only solve the problem of accessibility and affordability of expensive fossil fuels but also helps with…

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