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How IoT Is at The Forefront of Renewable Energy

With fossil fuel levels depleting at accelerating speed, and as the pressure to switch to more greener sources intensifies, renewable energy is picking up a tremendous pace. According to reports, the renewable energy share is expected to increase to 22.5% of the global power mix by 2020. As the world moves towards wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal power, and biomass…

Portland Company Builds First Of Its Kind Renewable Wave Energy Device

A Portland-based industrial company completed the construction of a first of its kind renewable wave energy device. Vigor announced Thursday it had completed building Ireland-based company Ocean Energy’s wave energy convertor, called OE 35 buoy. The 826-ton buoy measures 125 feet by 59 feet with a draft of 31 feet and has a potential rated capacity of up to 1.25…

Oregon as a state has really bought into renewable energy and bought into marine energy and have done so for the past 15 years.

Ocean Energy’s CEO John McCarthy

German blockchain strategy aims to head off ‘stablecoin’ currencies

Germany has published a comprehensive blockchain strategy as the country seeks to be “at the forefront of innovation” – but issued a stark warning on private firms’ attempts to issue digital currencies. The federal government’s strategy – which is only currently available in German – aims to capitalize on the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger…

We want to be at the forefront of innovation, and we want to reinforce Germany’s position as a leading technology hub. As part of the internet of the future, blockchain technology can play a key role in our efforts. At the same time, it is essential to protect consumers and state sovereignty. One of the core activities of a sovereign state is to issue a currency. We will not cede this task to private companies.

Finance minister, Olaf Scholz

Another One Bites The Dust: Dyson Ditches Electric Car Project

British entrepreneur legend, James Dyson, has officially abandoned his electric car project, according to multiple sources including The Verge. In an all-staff email sent out on Thursday, Dyson said that he – along with his Board of Directors – decided to stop the effort after unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer for the project. (So that’s what a responsible Board of Directors…

…concentrate on the formidable task of manufacturing solid-state batteries as well as other fundamental technologies like vision systems, robotics, machine learning, and AI.


PV for your EV: solar tech powers electric cars through summer

With more EVs on Australian roads, demand for infrastructure is growing and placing stress on grid-powered charging stations. New solar-powered EV charging stations will maximize use of renewable energy, with the potential to alleviate stress on the grid during peak periods. The charging stations were developed with the Australian household in mind,..

A study of this nature will enable greater EV adoption both here and around the world reducing impact on the grid.

Nissan Australia Managing Director Stephen Lester

2021 Toyota Mirai First Look

When Toyota introduced the Mirai to the U.S. in late 2015, it came with a promise from what was then the largest carmaker in the world: Hydrogen fuel cells were the future, said Toyota. The name itself even means “future” in Japanese. Now that future is more clearly defined in the 2021 Mirai, one that quite literally looks better than ever before…

Vietnam’s first, Southeast Asia’s largest floating solar project secures funding

Da Mi Hydro Power Joint Stock Company has signed an agreement with the Asian Development Bank for the provision of funding to develop Vietnam’s first large-scale floating photovoltaic solar energy facility. The 47.5MW solar energy plant will be built at the utility’s existing 175MW hydropower plant. The ADB and the Canadian Climate Fund are providing $37 million in loan…

The pairing of these two clean energy technologies—hydropower and solar—is a simple but highly innovative achievement, which can be replicated elsewhere in Viet Nam and across Asia and the Pacific.

Nguyen Trong Oanh, chairman of the board of DHD

Here’s How ‘Green Finance’ Aims to Save the Planet

The field known as green finance could be at a tipping point. After a decade of explosive growth, it’s running into a perhaps surprising roadblock: a shortage of projects that are green enough. That’s set off a scramble to create a wider range of debt-market instruments and incentives. Central bank officials and a growing list of investors are pushing to make the $100…

This climate problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve

Climate activists are fond of saying that we have all the solutions we need to the climate crisis; all we lack is the political will. While it’s true enough as policy goes — we certainly have enough solutions to get started and make big changes — as a technical matter, it is incorrect. Truly defeating climate change will mean getting to net-zero carbon emissions and eventually…

As one indication, most cement, steel, aluminum, and petrochemicals have received environmental waivers or been politically exempted from carbon limits, even in countries with stringent carbon targets.

CGEP report

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