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Power Ledger to trial blockchain energy trading in Malaysia

Today, Aussie blockchain firm Power Ledger announced a partnership with Malaysia’s Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), to pilot its peer-to-peer energy trading platform in the country. The company is already running trails in Thailand, Japan, the United States, and Australia. The trial in the Malaysian project is significant as the country is…

Malaysia has more than four million buildings with rooftop solar potential in Peninsular Malaysia. The trial with Power Ledger will give SEDA better insights into consumer preferences and price model testing.

SEDA CEO Ir. Dr Sanjayan Velautham

Shift to the microgrid can make Australia a world leader

Australia’s transition to a low carbon energy system is being driven by free-market economics, not the policy instruments of old. Solar and wind are cost-competitive, and the uptake of renewables and energy storage now relies on subsidy. Propping up uncompetitive fuels through government intervention will only exacerbate the transition and the pain of…

Lithium Batteries Finally Get their Due with Nobel Prize Win

Today’s award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to the scientists that created lithium-ion batteries marks the common heritage of mobile communications (laptops and smartphones), electric vehicles, and a new era in energy storage for our electric system. The award recognizes John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for discoveries…

Ahead of MainNet Launch, Insolar Announces Collaborations with Microsoft, Oracle, and Innosuisse

Insolar, a provider of blockchain solutions for enterprise, announces major platform collaborations with Microsoft, Oracle, and a group of national innovation agencies, including Innosuisse, UK Energy Innovation Centre, and the German Energy Agency, dena. These relationships fortify Insolar’s marquee position in driving blockchain innovation and real-world usage…

New Method for Power Grid That Lowers Cost and Increases Efficiency

The use of power grids is increasing around the world, and with it, a few hurdles need to be jumped over. The rapidly developing power grids we use today continuously work on harnessing as much solar, or wind power, among other methods, as possible. This trend is due to rise each year, meaning that more and more power grids will be needed.  Furthermore…

One of the advantages of the probabilistic approach pursued in this research is to avoid conservatism associated with the existing methods. Instead of requiring that the network constraints are satisfied for all possible values of uncertainty, we pushed the boundaries and allowed for a small well-defined risk of constraint violation to develop this new approach.

Dr. Mohammadreza Chamanbaz, Senior Research Fellow, SUTD

4 Reasons Why Off-Grid Energy Is Grown-Up and Ready to Scale

Sometimes good ideas take off right away. Nobody buys suitcases without wheels these days. Other great ideas, however inevitable, need more time. Off-grid energy, running the gamut from solar home systems to microgrids in small villages, seems to have fallen into this category. Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the Sustainable Energy for All…

We wouldn’t be where we are without some of those early pioneers making mistakes.

Leslie Labruto, head of energy at the early-stage equity investor Acumen

Why the new energy generation should not focus on the past

The saying goes, the best way to predict tomorrow’s weather is to assume it will be the same as today. A lot of the time it will be. But this approach gives you no insight into what the future will bring and fails horribly when disruptive change is around the corner and people are left unprepared. That’s why weather forecasts were invented. Similarly, in the energy sector…

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