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Should You Care About #Blockchain? Probably.

Actually, everyone should care about blockchain, because it’s changing the way many things work. But I say “probably” because you don’t need to care about blockchain – the technology – at all, to realize the significance of blockchain, the invention.  Technology throws many people off.  Any new technology sounds…complicated.  And it might be.  But really, no one has to…

Renewable energy: Nestle’s Dubai factory now the UAE’s largest private solar plant

Nestle Middle East’s Al Maha factory in Dubai has started generating renewable energy with its 20,000 photovoltaic (PV) panels, which will supply 85% of the factory’s annual electricity consumption. It is UAE’s largest ground-mounted private solar plant, which will generate 7.2GWh of electricity per year, and eliminate 4.5 million kilograms of CO2​ per year…

We have reduced fresh water use by 42% per ton of product and achieved zero waste to landfill at our factories and warehouses in the Middle East. We are accelerating our actions to achieve our commitment to have 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, and will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as increase the use of renewable energy.

Undergrid Minigrids: A Promising Solution for Powering Underserved Nigerians

A new Rocky Mountain Institute report showcases a pathway to implementing undergrid minigrids that has the potential to save electricity distribution companies and communities millions of dollars while dramatically expanding the market for distributed energy resources in Nigeria. A new report, funded by All On and produced by Rocky Mountain…

The growth of the energy access sector in Nigeria is evident in the growing interest of distribution companies in increasingly exploring ways to grow their market base and meet underserved needs. This report will be a pivotal guide for minigrid developers, investors, and distribution companies in deciding the best business models for a ready market of energy-hungry consumers.

Ifeoma Malo, CEO of Clean Technology Hub

Can We Really Reach These Big Green Goals?

How fast the US adopts renewable energy and electric vehicles are likely to influence microgrid growth. So where are renewables and EVs heading? Are the big goals we hear about just aspiration or are they destination? Hawaii, Maine, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are pursuing 100% renewables. About a dozen states have set standards to achieve at…

In fact, utilities can directly influence the pace and scale at which these organizations can reach their energy goals.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Leaving the Sofa

Not to be rude, but anyone else out there feeling climate change fatigue? It seems like every day there’s a new thing we need to buy, service we need to subscribe to, or appliance we need to update in order to be more eco-friendly. And while we’re 100% down to adopt new habits and upgrade our homes in order to reduce our own carbon footprints, it’s overwhelming…

We can’t buy our way out of the climate crisis. But as consumers there is collective power in our individual pockets. So when you need to spend, spend smarter.

Max Moinian from @futureearth—the climate change

The Energy Observer is a boat that makes its fuel out of seawater

Energy Observer is a vessel powered only by energy that it generates itself, be it the onboard solar panels, wind turbines or a hydrogen fuel cell. It’s a floating laboratory, PR stunt, and clean-energy evangelist all at once, showing how the future of transportation could be. Halfway through its six-year journey around the world, the vessel stopped in London so…

We test and mix a number of different [energy-generation] technologies, but the secret is in the mix.

Project manager Louis Noël Vivies

Biggest Battery In New England Is Unveiled In Nantucket

In the 18th century, Nantucket was the energy capital of the world. Ships departed the island, sailing to distant seas, hunting right whales for their oil. On Tuesday, Nantucket is adding another page to the history books, as officials unveil a new energy source for the island: a giant battery. The battery will serve as backup for two insulated cables that run from Cape…

If we lost both cables, the island will go flat. There was a storm situation two or three years ago over the winter, and we lost the supply from Cape Cod and both cables went flat.

National Grid Project Manager John Skrzypczak

Event Highlights Green Technologies for SDGs and Climate Action

4 October 2019: An event at UN headquarters highlighted emerging technologies that can help governments achieve the SDGs and climate goals. The event brought together representatives of governments, the private sector, and civil society who heard presentations on the work of six companies operating across Asia, Africa, North America, and South America…

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