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UAE Authorities Organize Blockchain Competition 

In an effort to spur blockchain professionals to develop solutions that could be used for educational, social and recreational purposes in the region, Dubai’s Ministry of Community Development is organizing a “Social Blockathon Competition.” The Blockathon, which was announced by the Ministry during GITEX Technology Week 2019, a world-class tech event…

The Blockathon is opened for all community members to create more community development ideas in smart applications and support the ministry’s objectives in providing essential community services, support sustainable community development visions and achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry of Community Development emerging from the UAE vision 2021 and 2071 centennial goals.

Saeed Abdulla, Information Technology Advisor at the Ministry of Community Development

Kenya Continues Rollout of Off-Grid Minigrids

Kenya’s government continues to forge ahead with an ambitious initiative for universal electrification and distributed energy, with state utility Kenya Power and Lighting (KPLC) launching a $6.7 million plan for 23 off-grid minigrids, the term used for microgrids in Africa. Twenty-seven solar-diesel minigrids are already up and running in rural villages. Going off-grid…

Access to sufficient and reliable electricity will help support the productive and income generating activities of local communities to stimulate growth, create jobs and reduce poverty in rural areas.

David Mwaniki, director of Kenya Power

NIGERIA: CESEL plans to invest $1 billion in solar off-grid with the diaspora

Community Energy and Social Enterprise Limited (CESEL) recently launched the Diaspora-Power (DPower) initiative. Objective: to mobilize one billion dollars to invest in the solar off-grid in Nigeria with funds from the Nigerian diaspora. How to finance solar off-grid in Nigeria is an issue of concern to the private sector and associations that have become aware of…

Orlando utility to launch $9 million hydrogen system and more than double solar energy

Orlando’s electric utility is poised to develop a nation-leading, hydrogen system for generating electricity and, in a related, green-energy initiative, more than double its reliance on solar power. The hydrogen system, including machinery to produce, store and utilize the gas to make electricity, is being financed by several partners, including the U.S. Department…

This will actually put OUC as the number one utility in Florida on a solar-watts per customer basis.

Linda Ferrone, the utility’s chief customer officer

Climate and Energy Experts Debate How to Respond to a Warming World

As energy demand rises around the globe, so does concern about climate change. The science seems clear: Ninety-seven percent or more of scientists active in the field are convinced the climate has been warming over the past century, the pace of warming is accelerating and human activities — particularly the burning of coal, oil, and other fossil fuels…

Tesla, Edison, “The Current War,” and What it Has to Do With Getting to Work

Getting to work on time can be enough of a hassle, but imagine if there wasn’t an agreed standard time, or worse if we didn’t have an agreement about which side of the street to drive on. This simple but vital task of getting to work on time would be a mess.  Standardizing time zones was a key step in getting trains to run on schedules. Today’s technology also…

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