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European Space Agency Funds SpaceChain’s Satellite-Powered Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain startup, SpaceChain has received a 60,000 euro ($66,400) grant from the European Space Agency (ESA). This funding is intended to facilitate the development of a European Space Agency blockchain initiative involving the creation of a satellite-powered blockchain multi-signature wallet. The ESA grant forms part of the organization’s “Kick-Start activity.” This…

The fintech industry currently suffers from low levels of security in relation to the storage and transmission of digital currency, preventing it from achieving the same level of professionalism and trust as the traditional banking industry.

CEO Zee Zheng

Power Ledger Preps Up for Its Revolutionary Blockchain Energy Model

Australia based startup firm, Power Ledger which explores the energy tech niche, is gearing up to proliferate its business in Southeast Asia as the region is likely to mark its presence as the fourth-largest consumer of energy in the global sphere by 2030. In the starting phase of September 2019, Thailand organized the 37th edition of the highly-acknowledged…

We have partnered with well-known energy companies to improve the efficiency and transparency of energy markets globally,” said Ms. Atkinson. She further added that “By 2030, renewable energy resources will be more important than ever.

One of the prominent advisors to Power Ledger, Maria Atkinson

The One Million Mile Electric Car Might Not Be Too Far Off

The dawn of the modern electric car has passed; electric and hybrid cars can be spotted in most towns, and has been accepted as a viable way of getting yourself from point A to point B, but range and charging time still haunts manufacturers who are trying to push the electric trend. While progress has been made, especially in the last year or two, the research…

Based on the study, Li-ion batteries will soon be developed that make driving over 500 kilometers (over 300 miles) from charge to charge possible

Raj Malhotra, managing director, head of debt capital markets Asia-Pacific

Center of gravity of sustainable finance is swinging towards Asia

While European institutions receive many plaudits for proactive initiatives in greening their economies, Asia will eventually be the home of the green financing revolution. The mature economies in Asia with their infrastructure well established are now weaning their populaces away from traditional sources of power such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydro…

It is bottom up and top down, that’s another reason why this market is growing because you do see the demand from both sides and all parties are looking to be aligned in terms of making this work

Engie Factory Asia-Pacific managing director Quentin Vaquette

Can the world run 100% on renewable energy

The short answer is yes… but it’s definitely not an easy job! There’s an old proverb; “where there’s a will there’s a way” that exactly summarises the barriers that prevent the idea from coming true. We’re actually in the middle of a gold rush because our true gold tends to be fossil fuels. But by the very nature of fuels, they are, unfortunately, finite! The estimates for fossil…

Will there be enough will to power the world through renewables alone?

Blockchain in Energy: A Review of the Current Landscape

At the recent Blockchain in Energy conference hosted by Greentech Media (GTM), the theme was entirely clear: the perception of blockchain in the energy industry has matured from proclaiming blockchain a disruptive panacea that would completely vault a heavily regulated industry into the transactive grid of the future to placing blockchain as a tool in the…

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