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Canoo Unveils World’s First Subscription-Only Electric Vehicle

Canoo, the Los Angeles based company creating electric vehicles (EV) for subscription only, has unveiled today its first model, simply called canoo. The design challenges traditional automotive shape and functionality and capitalizes on EV architecture in a way that provides significantly more interior space. Canoo created this spacious vehicle for a world in which…

We believe that the potential of EV architecture can enable a post-SUV era that addresses the ever-growing desire for space and value

Ulrich Kranz, In Charge at Canoo

Can India Give Up Coal?

India’s plans are not insubstantial. Spending on solar energy has exceeded that on coal plants across the country, with corporate giants like the Mahindra Group—with 200,000 employees globally—committing to a net-zero emissions goal. The question is whether it is enough, as India’s demand for energy rises alongside the expansion of its middle classes. Reuters…

The time for talking is over. The world needs to act now.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

How technology can fast-track the global goals

Back in 2015, all 192 United Nations member states came together to commit to tackling 17 ambitious global goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – by 2030. While ambition and momentum to tackle the goals have grown, there is so much still to do. The real challenge lies where progress is not so easily achievable, including complex systemic global issues such as…

Panasonic Unveils EverVolt Home Energy Storage System

Panasonic has announced a new residential energy storage system, EverVolt. EverVolt, which features a modular design, is available in AC- and DC-coupled versions. The home energy storage system enhances Panasonic’s suite of home energy solutions, including its photovoltaic HIT portfolio. The Panasonic-engineered storage system is compatible with…

Energy storage is one of the fastest-growing segments in the renewable energy space, and homeowners are eager to find a product that fits their exact needs

Mukesh Sethi, group manager at Panasonic Solar

Honda & Nike Secure New Renewable Energy Supplies

If renewable energy is as bad as the fossil fuel industry claims, why are so many major corporations signing up for renewable energy deals? Are their leaders unable to do simple arithmetic? Are they squandering mountains of corporate cash just so they can brag about how “green” their operations are? No. Businesses have not suddenly taken leave of their senses…

Our new Court Distribution Center represents Nike’s continued investment in a fast and flexible supply chain

Eric Sprunk, Nike COO

Is There a Link Between Renewable Energy and Clean Water?

Stories about lead poisoning in the first world and water rights sold for a pittance to corporations are commonplace. As a result of that, more eyes than ever are trained on the earth’s water and more voices than ever are helping drive changes to safeguard it. One of the choices we can begin making, today, is to double- and then triple-down on renewable energies…

Three steps to clean up electric vehicle supply chains

Much has been said about the importance of electric vehicles (EVs) in the fight against climate change, and rightly so. Combined, the petrol and diesel cars on our roads are responsible for around 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Electric vehicles, by contrast, have zero tailpipe emissions and are key to tackling both climate change and poor air quality in our towns…

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