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Google Commits $2 Billion To Global Renewable Energy Package

Just prior to the global climate strike on September 20, Google announced it will invest $2 billion in the US, Chile, and Europe to increase the amount of electricity it derives from renewable sources. In a press release, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “Sustainability has been one of Google’s core values from our earliest days. Over the years we’ve worked hard to reduce the…

Sustainability has been one of Google’s core values from our earliest days. Over the years we’ve worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, build products with people and planet in mind, and drive change at scale through our supply chains.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Vietnam power crunch threatens future economy

Vietnam’s government is scrambling to head off an impending energy crunch that threatens to bring blackouts within two years and hamper the near-term future of one of Asia’s fastest growing economies.  Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has warned that power shortages could come as soon as 2021, and ordered other officials to speed up stalled plant…

The potential sources of supply from Vietnam’s own domestic oil and gas reserves have met with challenges and delays, whether it’s the financial capacity of the national oil company to develop those resources, or maritime disputes and political tensions

Andrew Harwood, research director of the upstream oil and gas team at Wood Mackenzie in Singapore

The Big 5 – Africa’s fastest growing solar energy markets

The continent has experienced significant growth towards adding over 1.8GW of new solar installations in 2018, with 1.4GW coming from photovoltaic (PV) installations, which was a significant jump from the 786MW that was brought online in 2017. To dissect this development, Solarplaza analyzed the five fastest growing solar PV markets in Africa…

5 Investor-Friendly Industries Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business from scratch is no easy feat. Just ask any of the thousands of wannabe business owners who take the plunge into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship every year. Within four years, more than half of these business owners will see their businesses fold, a testament to how difficult it is to start and sustain a profitable business…

Scientific report finds more fossil fuels being used every year

More fossil fuels are being used every year, despite all of the efforts to increase renewable energy supplies, a major report to be presented to the United Nations summit will say today. The current pledges made by countries must be tripled if temperatures are to be kept within the 2C limit, but they will have to jump five-fold if temperatures are to stay within 1.5C…

This growth needs to be halted immediately

Geothermal energy-critical if NZ is to reach carbon-zero by 2050

Last week’s blitz of climate change-related coverage may have left you despairing about the future we face in a warming world. Sorry, we need to hear it. But there’s another narrative emerging about the innovation underway to speed up the transition to the low carbon economy required to avoid the worst-case climate scenarios. Last week also saw $37 million of…

Can the entire world run on renewables?

The world marches steadily on towards a future of renewable energy. According to a study published in the journal Joule two years ago, the world should be able to give up fossil fuels entirely – someday sooner than later. Overall, their analysis found that the planet should be ready to go fully 100 percent renewable by 2050. Their roadmaps show how to get each country…

In the United States, if you just look at oil and gas, there are 1.7 million active oil and gas wells and 2.3 million inactive wells. Collectively they take up somewhere between one to two percent of the U.S. land area. And that’s not counting the refineries, the pipelines, or coal and nuclear infrastructure,” Jacobson writes.

Mark Z. Jacobson, lead researcher of the study

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