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The 6 trends shaping Southeast Asia’s clean energy sector

Two-thirds of the global increase in demand for energy will come from Southeast Asia as it modernizes, and experts say more than half of this will be met with renewable energy. Eco-Business looks at the corporate and geopolitical trends that will shape the growth of energy in the region. Southeast Asia’s energy consumption is set to boom over the coming…

Solar, renewables, and hydrogen for greener marine transport

A new report in Sweden suggests that renewables are an ideal source of power for marine vessels, based on a case study in which solar PV and proton-exchange membrane fuel cells, combined with a diesel generator, were used to reduce the greenhouse gas and particulate emissions of cruise ships by almost 10%.Technologies such as solar PV, proton-exchange…

The integration of renewable energy systems for cruise ships and ferries will produce better results with higher renewable fractions, lower emissions and lower cost in regions where the solar irradiance is higher such as the desert regions.

Swedish researchers

Top 10 in Tech: London’s most valuable Energy startups

Continuing our Top 10 in Tech series of London’s most valuable startups, this week, we’re looking at the world of energy and seeing which London-born energy startups are the highest valued. Utilizing Tech Nation’s Data Commons service, Prolific London has taken a look at the most valuable London-based startups in this area founded in the last 10 years. The top 10…

For Green Energy, MIT Aims To Build ‘A Star On Earth’

The future of fusion energy is right around the corner. You’ll find it off Massachusetts Avenue, on Albany Street in Cambridge. It’s on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in an old, low-rise, brown brick building once owned by Nabisco. “It’s a modest setting, but we do some pretty exciting work here,” says Martin Greenwald, deputy director of…

Blockchain’s Growth Is Not a Case of Winner-Take-All

In the current blockchain community, the choice between Bitcoin and Ethereum appears like a binary decision. In any sphere of life, it is normal for people to have something that they favor over others. However, trying to determine an ultimate victor in a winner-take-all blockchain competition is pegged on a false assumption. Commentators and analysts say the…

Australia could produce 200% of energy needs from renewables by 2050, researchers say

Australia could run entirely on renewable electricity and produce double what it needs to create a massive green export industry by 2050, leading experts say. A report from scientists working under the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub has examined the economic opportunities of decarbonization over the coming decades. It finds that with the right…

A fundamental driver is the world essentially deciding to do something about climate change

Dylan McConnell, a researcher with the University of Melbourne

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