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The 6 trends shaping Southeast Asia’s clean energy sector

Two-thirds of the global increase in demand for energy will come from Southeast Asia as it modernizes, and experts say more than half of this will be met with renewable energy. Eco-Business looks at the corporate and geopolitical trends that will shape the growth of energy in the region. Southeast Asia’s energy consumption is set to boom over the coming…

Turkey plans to create National Blockchain Infrastructure and regulatory sandbox

Turkey is eyeing to become the first country to use blockchain for public administrative services, according to a new road map released by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Technology, as reported by Cointelegraph. Dubbed as Strategy 2023, the Turkish IT Ministry plans to establish the “National Blockchain Infrastructure” to integrate distributed…

…delivers a distributed communication infrastructure to provide trust between parties on transactions without the need for a central authority.

Blockchain can Revolutionise the Energy Industry in Africa

In Africa, the demand for energy largely exceeds supply. Nigeria’s shortage of 173,000MW (for a nation whose current energy needs is around 180,000MW) gave rise to large-scale imports of noisy and polluting power generating sets. Most sub-Saharan African countries experience the same. In rural areas in Rwanda, where over 70% of the population lives, only…

A new era for clean energy in Tanzania

UNDP Tanzania has recently celebrated the expanding influence of sustainable energy by installing a hybrid solar power system at United Nations House in Dar es Salaam. This move towards renewable energy is reaffirming UNDP’s role in spearheading the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative and Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)…

This sets a framework for other organizations, both public and private, to follow suit, thus helping the country to play a key role in localizing the SE4ALL initiative as well as implementing the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to address climate change in Tanzania.

Acting Resident Representative Verity Nyagah

September is turning out to be busy here at Team Climate. On Friday, we’re expecting protests and strikes worldwide to protest climate change. They’re timed to a week of climate events run in coordination with the United Nations. Then, on Saturday, youth delegates will convene in New York for a climate summit, and world leaders are scheduled to gather to discuss…

Short of having a solar array on your roof and keeping all those electrons to yourself, it’d be really hard to figure out what type of electrons you’re using if you didn’t have something like R.E.C.s to keep track of the math.

John Rogers, a senior energy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists

Green energy plan to make Australia powerplant of Pacific

A radical shift towards renewable energy has the potential to reshape the Australian economy and create exports worth hundreds of billions of dollars, according to the head of a major research project to be announced on Thursday. The project, led by director of the Energy Change Institute at the Australian National University professor Ken Baldwin, will seek to…

Our aim is to do the research into the way Australia trades with the world based on renewable energy. The aim is to establish what will happen during the energy transition away from fossil fuels which is happening, and how Australia can maintain its position as an energy powerhouse

ANU professor Ken Baldwin

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