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Ocean power: A green option failing to make waves

The tidal power plant on the Rance River in Brittany, France, stands as a reminder of the underexploited potential of energy generation from ocean tides, waves, and warmth. Inaugurated at La Richardais on the west coast by Charles de Gaulle in 1966, the plant produces about 500 Gigawatt hours of electricity per year — enough to power 250,000 out of France’s 30 million…

Ocean renewable energy has huge global potential, but is a largely untapped resource

Simon Neill of Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences in Wales

No more blackouts: Jakarta smart city needs a smarter grid

In July, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan visited Washington, DC to share his optimism and progress of the capital. He dubbed this development under his administration as the “new face of Jakarta,” where he conveyed his intentions of building an equal, prosperous, modern, dynamic, sustainable and united city. Anies’s goals for transforming Jakarta into…

Itron and Xcel to build an advanced electrical grid of the future

US utility Xcel Energy has reached an agreement with Itron to secure smart meters which will be installed to improve customer services across its grid system. The two firms have agreed to develop industry-leading smart technologies for the energy industry. The solution will enable consumers to access insights regarding their energy use in near real-time for grid…

This collaboration is exciting because we’re not just developing the next generation of smart meters

Brett Carter, Xcel Energy’s chief customer and innovation officer

India’s Top Electricity Generator to Build Mega Solar Park

India’s NTPC Ltd. plans to set up a 5-gigawatt solar park in the western state of Gujarat, which would be the biggest in the country, as the top electricity generator shifts toward cleaner energy. A site has been identified for the project, which is expected to cost as much as 250 billion rupees ($3.5 billion) and begin operations by 2024, according to a company official, who asked…

The long road to clean energy

The vital transition to a zero-carbon economy is likely to be a long and rocky road. So-called green energy is booming, but not fast enough to curb climate change, which is accelerating at an alarming pace as oil, gas, and coal consumption soar. Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro: over the past decade, the global production capacity of renewable energies has…

In an increasing number of countries either wind or solar are the cheapest form of electricity generation

BNEF’s Angus McCrone

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