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A Blockchain-Enabled SIM Card? How This Could Change Our Mobile Experience As We Know It

While still in its infancy with regards to proven capabilities and real-life adoption, blockchain technology remains one of the looming threats for a lot of traditional business models. Its ability to directly connect third parties which can engage in exchanges of assets, data or sharing of resources, blockchain is seen as a force for disintermediation. Removing middle…

5 Ways You Can Help Save The Oceans

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases- primarily CO2, released as a result of human activities. Necessary steps can be taken at the individual level to reduce your carbon footprint such as- driving more energy-efficient vehicles (operating on fuels with low carbon content), carpooling or using public transport, better insulation, more efficient

Meet the Start-ups Shaping Future of Africa’s Cities

African startups are harnessing the potential of Africa’s rapid urbanization which by the end of the century, is estimated to have13 of the world’s 20 largest cities in the world. Globally, urban start-ups like Uber and Airbnb are drawing in billions of dollars in venture capital while organizations like Sidewalk Labs, URBAN-X and Urban Us are changing cities and helping to…

The Climate Strike Inspires. So Do These 5 Signs of Clean Energy Progress

The week that begins with the Climate Strike this Friday, September 20, is going to be loaded with heavy, serious messages rooted in the science that tells us, in no uncertain terms, that things aren’t moving in the right direction on climate change, in so many ways. As you stand with the brave student strikers or are a brave student striker yourself, or as you attend…

Eos Looks to Scale Up Battery Manufacturing in Pittsburgh

Eos Energy Storage, a rare non-lithium-ion grid-scale battery contender in an increasingly lithium-ion-dominated world, is gearing up for multi-gigawatt manufacturing. Last week the Edison, New Jersey-based battery company inked a deal with Holtec International, mostly known in energy circles as a front-runner in the race to commercialize small modular…

Although we continue to invest in our nuclear business and believe in the future of our small modular reactor program for low-carbon baseload energy, we recognize that renewables must also play a critical role in reducing carbon emissions going forward

Rick Springman, Holtec’s vice president of international projects

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