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KleanLoop A Decentralized Blockchain DApp For Creating Transparency In Tyre And Plastic Recycling

Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”) is pleased to announce the development of the KleanLoop, a Blockchain-based platform, that now enables transparency across the waste to energy, resource recovery and recycling industries. Klean has completed its initial pilot testing phase over the past six months. Beta testing is also complete, and when released live, the…

It’s critically important that industry becomes more compliant and sustainable, and the KleanLoop is the system we need that provides transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Jesse Klinkhamer , CEO of Klean Industries Inc

Africa Using Blockchain to Drive Change: Nigeria and Kenya, Part One

Blockchain adoption in Africa is on the rise. From transportation to the gaming and lottery industries, reports of companies utilizing decentralized ledger technology (DLT) across the continent are emerging. Several stakeholders in the African blockchain scene say DLT is the key to solving the developmental issues plaguing the continent as a whole. They also…

Africa was not part of the first, second, and the third industrial revolution & these group of lawmakers believe that the fourth industrial revolution, driven by digital transformation should not pass us by. Hence, the need to engage all stakeholders to initiate the process of blockchain and internet discussions at this time.

Microgrids Are Powering The Future At MSU

A centralized power source can create issues when it unexpectedly goes offline. When a glitch led the Montclair State University’s (MSU) state-of-the-art microgrid to realize that an outage had occurred, it kicked in and isolated the University from the main grid, fired up its generators and seamlessly powered the entire campus for nine hours. MSU became an…

Montclair State’s microgrid is an excellent use of innovative technology to help the university manage their energy use more efficiently. Their system integrates seamlessly with PSE&G’s electric grid and is a positive step toward a more cost-effective energy future.

Dave Daly President and Chief Operating Officer of PSE&G

Chicago startup will help test hyperlocal electric vehicle incentive in California

The city of Sacramento is preparing to test a hyperlocal electric vehicle charging program that will use a Chicago company’s blockchain software to track customer rewards. The pilot project will offer blockchain-based “tokens” for charging vehicles when there’s a surplus of solar power on the local grid. The value will fluctuate based on the amount of solar being…

It’s part of our research and development strategy to engage with new technology providers,” said Denver Hinds, the municipal utility’s research and development manager for smart energy technologies. 

Killian Tobin, CEO and co-founder of Omega Grid

Bottom-line and Mother Earth meet in the rooftop solar power array

Every summer, when the sun is beating down hard on the archipelago and dam water levels are low, a familiar visitor comes a-calling in the islands. Its name: Red Alert. It comes mostly in mid-afternoons and early evenings. Its message: be forearmed for a power outage is nigh. And when in some areas the warning blows real, economic activity slows down or stops…

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