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This clean energy invention runs on nothing but cold, night air

When Hurricane Dorian smothered the Grand Bahamas and Abaco Islands for 41 hours this month, it knocked out power and plunged nearly 70,000 people into darkness. Two years ago, Hurricane Maria smashed Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, leaving 3 million people without working lights, many of which stayed off for months. Yet for 1.6 billion people worldwide, those…

What’s common in all of those examples is that they depend on a source of heat. We kind of invert the problem.

 Aaswath Raman, an engineer and materials scientist at UCLA

Flash-Charging E-Bus System in China Expected to Charge in Seconds

A collaboration between ABB and China electric bus (e-bus) manufacturer King Long Motor Group holds the promise of a flash-charging system for e-buses that opens the door to electric vehicle-to-grid and development of urban microgrids.ABB and King Long are in the midst of developing a pilot project in China. King Long is designing and assembling the e-bus, while…

Regarding microgrids, flash-charging TOSA, thanks to its modular design, has the option to host batteries on the charger side, enabling energy storage and load management in densely populated areas…

Andre Burdet, vice president for grid integration product management and Marketing for ABB Power Grids

The Blockchain Opportunity at the Heart of the Flexible Grid

When blockchain arrived on the energy scene three years ago, much of the discussion went straight to disruption and disintermediation. Like Uber racing into a new city, rules were meant to be broken, and the newcomer was seen as a catalyst for near-revolutionary change. Blockchain could spell the end of the utility, the thinking went, by enabling the trading of energy…

Change begins at an edge

From the Bottom Up: Designing a Decentralized Power System

A far-reaching vision for the future of the electric grid is emerging at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In the past few years, this vision has grown from a theory on whiteboards to real-power experiments on lab hardware. It’s called “Autonomous Energy Grids” (AEG), an effort to ensure the grid of the…

The future grid will be much more distributed and too complex to control with today’s techniques and technologies

Benjamin Kroposki, director of NREL’s Power Systems Engineering Center

The next step for grid innovation: Commercialization innovation

How do technology companies scale smart-grid technologies? At some point along the path to scaled commercialization, testing technologies in a real-world-like setting becomes a necessity, which is often enabled through a utility pilot. Any company that has participated in utility pilots, however, knows that they are often time and resource-intensive, complex in the…

The Future Grid Challenge is an opportunity for us to find additional technologies that can make it easier for our customers to get the benefits of clean, renewable energy

Matthew Ketschke, Con Edison’s senior vice president, Customer Energy Solutions

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