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A Green Light For Super-Cheap Solar And Battery Storage PPA

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Board of Commission has given its nod to power purchase agreements offering the utility dirt-cheap solar + storage supplied electricity. The electricity will come from 8minute Solar Energy’s1 proposed Eland Solar and Storage Center in California. To be located on a 2,650-acre site in Kern County…

The Eland Solar and Storage Center will help us keep the lights on without the help of dirty fossil fuels — even when the sun isn’t shining — and power our progress toward a low-carbon, green-energy future

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

When green energy isn’t so green: Retiring worn-out wind turbines is a wasteful process

A story from Harvest Public Media delved into what happens when those big turbines that dot horizons all over the United States reach the end of their usefulness and have to be scrapped. As it turns out, most of the wind turbine’s structure can be sold or recycled, but the blades — which are made of a mix of fiberglass and resin — cannot. “These towers may be…

If you’re a small utility or municipality and all of a sudden hundreds of blades start coming to your landfill, you don’t want to use up your capacity for your local municipal trash for wind turbine blades

Rob Van Vleet

Energy Web Foundation joins Thailand power companies on renewables blockchain

Thailand-based multinational energy conglomerate PTT Plc. and global energy blockchain nonprofit Energy Web Foundation announced today the development of a new renewable energy trading platform based on blockchain distributed ledger technology. According to PTT, there is a strong corporate demand by companies in Thailand, Japan, and other southeast…

This new platform will benefit both corporate renewable energy buyers and renewable energy developers

Worawat Pitayasiri, senior executive vice president of Innovation and Digital at PTT

Kenya: Tech Break – Crypto Solutions Platform for Kenya Despite Hurdles

For over six years now, the interest in cryptocurrency trade has been rising in Kenya’s Silicon Savannah that now see it as the future of value exchange. The online trade that runs on blockchain technology is here with us, but the ride has not been easy for newbies who have lost huge sums of money. A lack of regulation in an online market thriving in a struggling economy…

Many Kenyans still lack information about crypto buying and selling, the dynamics and how they can avoid scammers

Bryan Adams

Australia in planning for multiple massive battery projects

France’s Neoen SA has outlined plans to build a giant renewables complex in South Australia, including battery storage with up to nine times more capacity than the Tesla Inc. design at its nearby Hornsdale plant, which is billed as the world’s largest lithium-ion battery. The Goyder South project will include up to 1,200 megawatts of wind generation, 600 MW of solar…

Will provide a freeway for renewable energy from South Australia to the eastern seaboard, enabling huge renewables projects such as Goyder South to turn South Australia into an energy powerhouse

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Hawaiian Island will Create a Virtual Power Plant from 1,000 Solar Homes

Sunrun and Open Access Technology International (OATI) will create what they describe as the world’s largest residential virtual power plant (VPP) by managing the electricity from some 1,000 rooftop solar-plus-storage systems to be installed on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Under a four-year contract beginning in 2020, Sunrun and OATI will send the energy from the…

This is the first time households in Hawaii can provide dispatchable power and electrical services to the broader electrical grid.

Robert Harris, Sunrun’s director of policy

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