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Chinese Central Bank Has Loudly Provided Plans On Launching ‘Digital Yuan’

Over the last two weeks, the Chinese Central Bank has loudly provided plans on launching a ‘Digital Yuan’ – The bank has positioned the product as a competitor to Libra – both are not a cryptocurrency. Over the weekend, the Shanghai Securities News interviewed the new Head of the Digital Currency Research Institute in China, Changchun Mu. According to the…

Functional attributes exactly the same as paper money but it is just a digital form.

Head of the Digital Currency Research Institute in China, Changchun Mu

Sustainable autonomous shipping: a step-change in open ocean transport

With its wave motion-propelled Jospa Tug, Irish SME Jospa Ltd has developed a sustainable autonomous shipping solution. Having worked in wave energy research and development for some years, Jospa Ltd discovered a novel way to propel a tug that produces significant bollard pull, using wave motion only. So we parked our promising wave energy…

The encouraging towing force and vessel motion prototype results have shown that the mechanism is valid and has the potential to generate useful performance in a variety of sea states.

Sunrun Promises Innovative Solar + Storage Virtual Power Plant For Hawaii

Sunrun, the United States’ leading home solar, battery storage, and energy services company, announced last week that it intends to participate in Hawaiian Electric Company’s emerging grid services market by delivering electricity from a virtual power plant made up of home solar and batteries. The virtual power plant will deliver electricity to the Hawaiian Electric…

This is a landmark moment for Sunrun, for Hawaii, and the future of energy in our country

Sunrun co-founder and CEO Lynn Jurich.

EGEB: Big Oil still investing in Big Oil, CO2-emitting countries — some surprises, calcium batteries, more

London-based nonprofit Carbon Tracker reports that “since the start of 2018, all major oil and gas companies have approved projects that are not consistent with the Paris goals. Carbon Tracker highlights $50 billion of investment in 18 major projects that are not even consistent with a 1.7-1.8-degree C pathway.” What role will big oil and utility companies play in the…

China creates almost double the emissions of second-placed US, which is in turn responsible for more than twice the level of third-placed India.

Blockchain Developments for Energy Grids, Automobiles, Enterprise Protocols

Earlier this week, TFA Labs, an internet-of-things security startup, announced plans to explore Factom’s protocol as a solution for validating the health and status of devices on the U.S. national power grid. According to reports, TFA Labs will store raw data on the Factom blockchain and assign a digital identity to the permanent software installed on devices…

New Reactor Uses Renewable Energy to Turn Greenhouse Gases into Fuel for Hydrogen Batteries

A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed in an efficient and environmentally friendly way with an electrolyzer that uses renewable electricity to produce pure liquid fuels. The catalytic reactor developed by the Rice University lab of chemical and biomolecular engineer Haotian Wang uses carbon dioxide as its feedstock and—in its latest prototype…

Formic acid is an energy carrier. It’s a fuel-cell fuel that can generate electricity and emit carbon dioxide—which you can grab and recycle again.

Rice University lab of chemical and biomolecular engineer Haotian Wang

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