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Apple Could be Joining the Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Apple Inc., the American multinational technology firm in charge of the iPhone, iPad and other high-end devices, has hinted that it’s closely watching cryptocurrency and could join the bandwagon in the near future, according to a CNN report on September 5, 2019. Despite the fact that one of the founders of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak is also one of the heavyweights…

We’re watching cryptocurrency. We think it has interesting long-term potential.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay

China hydrogen fuel-cell capacity leaps almost 650pc in a year

This week in future tech, Chinese media has reported that the country’s expansion of hydrogen fuel cells has accelerated to unprecedented levels. China’s bid to ditch its image as one of the world’s major polluters appears to be in full swing, particularly when it comes to hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen is one source of cleaner energy being looked at by researchers…

As the sector is still in the preliminary stage and hydrogen fuel cells are considered a significant alternative energy source in the long term, government support will probably persist for a long time.

CIAPS analyst

Nigeria powers up Africa’s ‘largest off-grid solar hybrid’

The latest project to be switched on in Nigeria’s solar electrification program for universities is also thought to be the largest ‘hybrid’ plant of its kind on the African continent so far, inaugurated this week at Bayero University Kano (BUK). Sister title reported towards the beginning of August as the first megawatt-scale hybrid project went…

Microgrids Made Easier — and Smarter — with Software that uses Artificial Intelligence

Good things don’t always come easily. Microgrids are no exception. “The process of developing microgrids can be costly. It begins with a feasibility study reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, even before any design, procurement and installation,” said Kay Aikin, CEO of US-based Introspective Systems.”Moreover, those feasibility studies are filled with…

Then there’s the transactive energy control system, which is sort of our secret sauce…

Kay Aikin

Binance Charity Showcases Cryptocurrency’s Role of Improving Lives in Africa

Binance Charity Foundation is giving the bottom billion a new way to get out of poverty in an equitable and transparent manner. This is the story of how blockchain technology benefits humanity. The creation of Bitcoin in 2008 marked the beginning of a new era. Since Bitcoin’s dawn, people saw the potential of decentralized currencies and blockchain technology to…

As we understand, charity is not only about giving money and things. It is about giving hope. Those children deserve a chance to learn more and know more so they can have a chance to have better lives in the future. Food, light bulbs or sanitary pads should not be the obstacle in the way,

Jill Ni, the Director of Binance Charity Foundation

What is meant by net-zero energy building?

I attended the July 2019 Regional Training Programme on Green Buildings in Singapore, which was hosted by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore and the International Energy Agency. The topics focused on building planning and design, building systems and operations, and policy in action. One of the highlights of the conference was a tour of the…

Don Pettit: The worldwide grid

Toynbee, one of the great historians of our modern era, understood that the well being of a civilization depends on its ability to respond creatively to challenges, both human and environmental. He thought that the rise and decline cycle of past civilizations was not inevitable, that the future was not necessarily determined by the past. He believed that civilization could…

Electricity-energy integration of the night and day regions of the Earth will bring all the capacity into use at all times, thus overnight doubling the (solar) generating capacity of humanity because it will integrate all the most extreme night and day peaks and valleys.

Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, 1969

The Land of Opportunity for Off-Grid Solar

Africa is the land of opportunity for investors in decentralized off-grid solar, and two big deals in the past week suggest the market will continue to consolidate and scale up to address the continent’s 600 million people without reliable electricity. Last week, Japan’s Mitsubishi put $50 million into U.K.-based BBOXX, a provider of pay-as-you-go solar home systems…

…demonstrate that utility-minded strategic investors continue to see a crystal-clear value proposition in becoming a utility of the future to last-mile customers.

Benjamin Attia, an analyst in WoodMac’s Power & Renewables

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