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Blockchain technology to “revolutionize” the trade of recyclables

Blockchain technology will “revolutionize” the trade of recyclable materials by providing each part of the supply chain with vital data and assurance about the quality of secondary commodities, according to the Recycling Association. A new blockchain technology, “The Traca” – developed by The Recycling Association and Marine Transport International – is being hailed…

The Traca” solution has been developed to match the requirements of the UK Government’s Resources & Waste Strategy.

India looks towards the tides of future

With the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) recently including all forms of ocean energy into the ambit of ‘renewable energy’ for the satisfaction of renewable purchase obligations of the discoms, the immense potential of India’s untapped 7,500 km coastline is up for taking. Official estimates of potential in tidal energy stand at 12,455 megawatts (MW)…

Kenya has potential to become the largest green energy exporter – Opinion

Kenya is on track to fully level up green energy production by 2020. The recent launch of The Lake Turkana Wind Power project – the largest project of its kind in Africa, is a glaring example of Kenya’s potential in the energy sector. The project is an impressive achievement, with 365 wind turbines operating with a capacity of 850 kilowatts each, increasing the…

To press home our advantage, all we must do is continue, and even expand, the vision of the current policy; investing accordingly with established partners who see the potential inherent in our country.

U.S. and China account for 75% of all blockchain-related patents, hold majority of digital economy’s wealth: UNCTAD

A vast majority of wealth in the digital economy is highly concentrated in the United States and China, accounting for 75% of all patents related to blockchain technologies, according to the first-ever Digital Economy Report 2019 released by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Wealth creation in the digital economy is highly concentrated in the United States and China, with the rest of the world, especially countries in Africa and Latin America, trailing considerably far behind

Global renewable energy capacity quadruples in 10 years, but emissions still grow

Renewable energies have seen their production capacity quadruple worldwide in 10 years, although this has not prevented emissions from the energy sector from growing. This information comes from the annual report of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) with the United Nations Environment…

Smart Grid Security: Are We Up for the Challenge?

Smart meters, smart grids, smart distributed energy resources (DERs), smart energy management, and demand response technology connected to a host of customer systems, smart chargers, and energy storage controls, and the list of mind-numbingly capable technologies we are incorporating into our interconnected electrical networks goes on. A common thread is…

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