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Renewable energy monitoring platform could increase market transparency

A platform released Wednesday that captures environmental, economic and energy production data underpinning renewable energy power purchase agreements could enhance corporate energy procurement by introducing greater transparency into the system, an analyst said. Seattle-based PPA price index publisher LevelTen Energy has built…

Anything that can be done to allow more transparency in the energy procurement process is a step in the right direction.

Evan Caron, co-founder, Swytch

Here’s a Machine That Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuel

Scientists at Rice University have devised an environmentally friendly way to take carbon dioxide and turn it into liquid fuel. The device uses a catalytic reactor to transform the greenhouse gas into formic acid, an important chemical reagent that is also found in bee and ant venom. “The big picture is that carbon dioxide reduction is very important for its effect on…

If the electricity comes from renewable sources like the sun or wind, we can create a loop that turns carbon dioxide into something important without emitting more of it.

Hoatian WangWang, Rice University

Why energy sharing systems aren’t a household reality yet

Renewable energy companies are working hard to bring efficient fossil-fuel-free energy consumption systems, but face many challenges. Tibor Tarabek, the Chief Data Officer of Fuergy explains these challenges. It’d be a utopic world where your electricity needs are predicted and adjusted to with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), while blockchain manages…

We want to go global but the challenge is that the energy markets are regulated by the state. Different countries of the world have different systems

Tibor Tarabek, Chief Data Officer, Fuergy

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Climate

Democratic presidential candidates may disagree on a lot, but they all agree that the solution to climate change is the expansion of renewable energy, particularly solar and wind. Some candidates see a role for nuclear. Sen. Cory Booker and businessman Andrew Yang have called for new plants, while former Vice President Joe Biden and South Bend Mayor Pete…

While climate activist Greta Thunberg is sailing with wind power to the Sustainability Summit in New York, the German wind power industry is sailing into the doldrums.

Die Welt

Solar-Home Systems & Mini-Grids: Same, Same But Different!

More than a billion people around the globe do not have access to electricity. In the vast majority, this is not because of a traditional lifestyle, so not by choice. Generally, many developing countries have insufficient power generation infrastructure. Often only the major metropolitan areas are connected to the national grid and only urban inhabitants have a…

What is the carbon payback period for a wind turbine?

What is the carbon payback period for a large wind farm, taking into account the energy and resources used for materials, manufacture and the construction of supporting infrastructure? If it is long, say 30 years, are they worth it? In 2006, turbine manufacturer Vestas studied the carbon payback period for various turbines. This took into account extraction and…

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