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Blockchain, an inevitable part of industrial revolution: expert

Mohammadreza Forouzandehdoust made the remarks during a workshop held for information and communication technology (ICT) reporters and journalists at the venue of ICT Ministry. In his speech, he explained about different aspects of blockchain technology with an emphasis on its important role in digital economy and the transparency and authenticity…

The biggest solar projects in Africa

Morocco is home to Africa’s biggest solar project Noor whereas South Africa hosts eight of the ten largest solar plants in Africa. Power-technology lists Africa’s biggest operational solar projects by installed capacity.

How this ‘tethered energy drone’ can help produce affordable clean energy with a small footprint

David Schaefer hesitates to call his technology a kite. It’s modeled on the same concept — a lightweight sail or wing with a frame that’s tethered to the Earth — but in fact it’s much more. Schaefer’s fiberglass and mylar skin kites produce energy as they swoop through figure-eights that peak hundreds of feet above the ground. Its tether wraps around a turning…

Residential Energy Storage VPPs Are Gaining Traction

Aggregated residential energy storage systems are increasingly deployed by utilities to provide a variety of services including replacing fossil fuel power plants, supporting increased renewable generation, and improving grid-resilience and reliability. As the behind-the-meter distributed energy storage market continues to mature, a series of factors have propelled…

Solar-powered railway could reduce fossil fuel reliance

(CNN) — The world’s first solar farm to directly power a railway line has been plugged in — a development that could lay the foundations for the world’s first solar-powered trains. Social enterprise Riding Sunbeams has installed about 100 solar panels near a train station in Aldershot, southeast England. Energy captured by the 30kWp solar panels will directly supply…

Blockchain energy startup Power Ledger extends energy trading trial in Fremantle

Blockchain energy startup Power Ledger extends energy trading trial in Fremantle Australian blockchain energy startup Power Ledger has announced its energy trading trial in Fremantle, Western Australia is heading into the second phase. The trial, which was launched in November 2018, involved using Power Ledger’s blockchain technology for tracking…

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