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Boonkoom Boonyasopath and 2000 Biogas Burner

I met with Boonkoom Boonyasopath, the CEO of BKE Combustion Controls Co., LTD. Our meeting turned out to be very groovy as I got the opportunity to enjoy the company of this pleasant gentleman while I was enlightened by the insight of the industry. I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as we have.

BKE is a leading Thai manufacturer of products and control systems for industrial heating and drying applications. In 2011 BKE was recognized as the top scientific innovator in the SME category by the Thai Ministry of Science & Technology, Thai National Science, and Technology and Innovation Policy Office.

Could you give us some background as to the history of BKE and what it does?

BKE was founded by me in 2007, although the brand name of BKE was registered more than 20 years ago. We started by designing and installation high-velocity burners to conventional ceramic kilns in Lampang Thailand which made the kilns save approximately 25% of the gas consumption. Our high-velocity burners brought a good reputation to the company and we got a chance to supply a biogas burner to a pig farm and that was the first of many biogas burners and flares that we have supplied to various customers in Thailand and South East Asia. Apart from that, some of them were supplied to South Africa and Turkey.

We are among the top range of biogas burner manufacturers who focus on safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

There are several types of machinery and components related to biogas supply systems such as flame arresters, biogas dryers, and biogas blowers and we also got this technology to supply it to our customers. We are among the top range of biogas burner manufacturers who focus on safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Could you briefly explain the BKE business model and its benefits?

Combustion technology is our core business. We design and manufacture a wide variety of services, such as environmental controls, Biogas, ceramic treatment, metal treatment, food processing, industrial burner, and custom-Designed Combustion Systems. So offer our clients a broad range of professional engineering services. This includes complete project development from design to installation, initial equipment commissioning, after-sales service, and technical support by our experienced and dedicated team of internationally recognized engineers worldwide.

How has the energy markets changed in the past 10 years and what do you think the future will bring? New technologies, more efficiency?

More than 10 years ago the biogas system was mandatory because the wastewater from food processing factories needed to be treated. Converting wastewater to biogas is a common practice and it is still compulsory for any factory that has organic waste. Nowadays the waste that needs to be treated is more in solid form and it needs to be converted to biogas or biomass fuel. Such solid substrate biogas digestion requires advanced technology. BKE has and licenses a partner agreement with Biogest Austria in order to provide this technology to Thailand. In terms of biogas burner technology, we have developed it to the level of second to none in terms of efficiency.

What do you think about the future of biogas especially in Thailand and the ASEAN countries?

The future of biogas business relies strongly on government policy on renewable energy. The government owns the power grid, so without a power purchase agreement (PPA), electricity generation from biogas plants could not be sold. Some other ASEAN countries have unstable power grids, therefore they are in the situation of producing biogas from wastewater treatment plants as Thailand has done for ten years. 

Who are your biggest competitors?

European manufacturers have a strong history in our field, and especially during this decade, they have been making their entry to the Thai market, which makes them our main competitors at the moment.

How about AI and machine learning, do you think they will play a part in this industry in the future?

Modern biogas technology and also BKE burners have been designed to work on top of a platform which is based on a robotic system. So it’s already playing a significant role at the moment and I have a strong vision of AI importance continues to grow year over year.

We would like to thank Boonkoom Boonyasopath for this interview. Feel free to drop us a comment via Facebook or Twitter and make sure to check out our other interviews and articles on our homepage.

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