FreeWord – Landfills, a solution or a threat to our environment?

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    I knew a lot about landfills before, but this is a highly detailed explanation, highlighting the many hazards and problems that they can cause to the environment if our waste is not dealt with in the proper manner.
    I recall maybe 30 or more years ago in the UK that there were a number of cases where houses had been built on landfill sites, and within a few years there were gas explosions caused by a buildup of methane gas.
    As you rightly said, the volume of waste that our modern society generates is far more than the environment can handle. The only realistic solution is for us to change our lifestyle such that we dramatically reduce the amount of waste.

    • Eeki says:

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply Tony.
      It is truly a shame what has happened in the UK and countless other locations because of the lack of safety systems and poor design of the landfills.
      I totally agree with you, we as the human race need to change our habits or soon there won’t be a world left as we know it.

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