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Eco-Conscious Lifestyles Propel Green Investment Surge In 2019

Green technology is making a major splash across the globe. We previously mentioned that a number of emerging markets are making a lot of headway with sustainable technology. Investors are noticing the potential as well…

ENN, One of The Largest Energy Service Providers in China Kickstarted Its Digital Transformation on VeChainThor Blockchain

China boasts a prosperous Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market. In 2018 alone, 280 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been consumed. With China’s coal-to-gas conversion policy and a fast-growing economy…–vechainthor-blockchain-300889714.html

Study touts solar energy potential of BRI nations

An international team led by Chinese researchers found that tapping solar energy and improving cross-border cooperation could help countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) leapfrog into a…

Impact of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy on Economic Growth of Myanmar

The state withdrew fossil fuel subsidies in 2007 to thwart its widespread use, and three years later a military government was ousted by a democratic one which attracted investments to the country. Trade…

Battery Storage Gains, May Replace Gas for Peak Power

Georgia Public Service Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved Georgia Power’s 20-year plan that furthers the Atlanta-based utilities move away from reliance on coal and toward more renewable energy sources…

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