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How pay-as-you-go energy systems could help with access to electricity in Africa

For people living in the developed world, electricity is something that can perhaps be taken for granted — with the flick of a switch or the press of a button they have lighting, TV and a huge number of other modern…

Expiring U.S. solar subsidy spurs rush for panels

America’s biggest solar power developers are stockpiling panels to lock in a 30% federal tax credit set to start phasing out next year, a strategy that could backfire if projects do not materialize or panel prices slide…

At $20 billion in 2018, India’s green energy investments surpassed thermal power

In what is being marked as a turning point for India’s green economy, investments in the country’s renewable energy sector doubled over the last five years to around $20 billion in 2018, surpassing the capital…

National Grid increases partners for virtual power plant project

The utility announced its partnership with smart energy firm SolarEdge Technologies for its ConnectedSolutions programme in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This means consumers owning solar


ANALYSIS – Spain struggles to regulate renewable energy gold rush

Spanish authorities fear that a speculative rush threatens to hold back the development of renewable energy, saying coveted rights to connect to the national power grid are being secured with the sole aim of selling them on…

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