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India’s Solution To A 100% Surge In Energy Demand

Nearly 75 percent of power in India is still generated from coal. While coal-fired power generation is still growing, ambitious clean energy policies and falling solar costs could soon stop this trend. Since demand for energy in…

Solar And Hydrogen Boats Win The Future In Monaco

The dozens of tiny, handmade boats looked out of place among the superyachts moored at the Monaco Yacht Club. It wasn’t a mistake that the little ships were in this particular harbor at this particular time. No, these…

North Bay completes Canada’s first utility-scale microgrid

North Bay officials say the Community Energy Park — which combines co-generation with a smart grid, battery, and electric vehicle charging station — is an important resilience measure in the face of more frequent…

Scotland is producing enough wind energy to power two Scotlands

Wind power output in Scotland has hit a 6-month record high, generating enough energy to power nearly 4.5 million homes. That’s twice the number of homes in the country, according to a recent report by WeatherEnergy

A new material for the battery of the future

Researchers have discovered a new high performance and safe battery material (LTPS) capable of speeding up charge and discharge to a level never observed so far. Practically, if the first tests are confirmed, this new…

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