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Shifting the U.S. to 100 Percent Renewables Would Cost $4.5 Trillion, Analysis Finds

Converting the entire U.S. power grid to 100 percent renewable energy in the next decade is technologically and logistically attainable…

Driven by storage – the journey to renewables in Australia

Australia has taken a leading role globally in the transition to smart, renewable energy, and given the abundance of sunshine, solar has seen near-record adoption…

Challenges of an Evolving Electric Grid

Changes in the way we produce, store, manage and use electricity are transforming the way the electric power industry operates the grid…

Speaker Insights: World Energy Congress 2019

Isabelle Kocher spoke with the Congress organizers about her insights into challenges facing the energy sector, focus areas for innovation and her expectations of the 24th World Energy Congress.

Turkey global leader in new geothermal capacity in 2018, Croatia sixth

Turkey completed several geothermal power projects in 2018, raising its installed capacity by 21% or 219 MW, to 1.3 GW, according to a report by think tank Renewable Energy Policy

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