Energy Market Update – Weeks 18 & 19

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Here is some news for you: There are nearly 500 registered EV manufacturers in China! The market has been exploding in the last couple of years and a big shakeout is to be expected in the near future. There are similarities with the dot-com bubble according to some experts. It is quite ironical if the Chinese EV race was fueled by generous government policies and young entrepreneurs looking to become the next Elon Musk. Ironical indeed, because now Elon Musk and Tesla are on the Chinese market as well!

Phones and Crypto

We’ve been talking about smartphones utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the past. Currently, there are at least 6 different manufacturers on the market, each offering slightly different versions and use-cases. The phones offer amongst other things cold storage, currency conversions, act as nodes to help validate transactions and keep the network secure, but now there is also the possibility to mine cryptocurrencies. While new companies are joining the emerging market with their first products, the existing ones like HTC are already working on the release of the Exodus 2. Read the full story here.

Renewable energy is continuing to take over market shares. The biggest trends at the moment are in the wind and solar sector with solar showing the biggest growth in 2018 and Asia being the leader with new installations. Overall, hydropower still accounts for the largest share by far, but the growth in that sector is continuing to slow down. Geothermal, marine, and bioenergy cover the smallest pieces on the pie chart with marine energy in the definitive last place, or in other words potential for biggest growth. For more numbers and statistics check out the article above and take a look at IRENA‚Äôs annual Renewable Capacity Statistics.

Power Ups

I think the reason behind the solar boom is quite simple. The average Joe has finally understood that “free” energy is up for grabs. Also, microgrids continue to pop up everywhere and the whole housing sector can plan and develop new projects with fresh ideas. Self-sustaining smart housing with both water and energy not being dependent on the traditional grid is becoming a viable solution. Humanity is at a very interesting point where harnessing the power of the sun is going to have quite an impact on the future of our species.

“Remote” and “poverty” related to the lack of traditional energy supply are going to be the problems of the past. One must not forget that electricity, or the lack of it, is going to make the difference and that’s why places like Africa have been struggling for so long. But now even the most remote villages can power up and suddenly join the rest of the civilization. Refrigeration, both for food and medicine, equally important. Lights after the sun go down. Internet. Yes, the infinite supply of information, knowledge and global access. All these things that we take for granted every day are scarcity and even unimaginable if not even unheard of for some people. It’s 2019, and it’s time for a change. Let’s bring the last billion of people up to speed!

Ok, now that we got that out of our chest, let’s move on. Back down under to be more exact. It’s becoming a common feature to include Australia in these reports, even without endorsement! Power Ledger continues to expand and deliver. This time it’s a new village development with 36 townhouses basically going off the grid and being 100% self-sustainable with solar microgrids and batteries. Electricity costs are estimated to be cut in half. Click the link above for more details.

Bits and Pieces

As usual, we provide some more goodies down here. For example, a very nice report on the current trends, and what we can learn by analyzing the Clean Energy Patents. Or, why not an article about a new storage option in the form of Salt Batteries. Thailand is also continuing to look more into solar and microgrids. An article about BCP and their trials can be found here. There are a lot more relevant links in there, so take a proper look if you are hungry for more.


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