Weekly Report – Weeks 13/14

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Hi guys! This report will be a summery of two weeks events. Bitcoin rallied and I got messages about it, but as usual, that’s not really so interesting to write about. Additionally, there was no magic behind the sudden pump. Just another reminder of how volatile the market is, mostly due to the tiny market cap (compared to traditional markets) and possible price manipulation. Or just healthy movement due to a year-long bear market!


There is also something very interesting going on right now, but I’ll wait until the dust settles before we dwell deeper. I’m talking about the Satoshi Nakamoto claims, lawsuits and Craig Wright’s behavior finally resulting in real-life consequences. A bitcoin fork, claiming to be the “true” bitcoin, is finally getting delisted from most exchanges. This might actually have a bigger effect on how the community and exchanges work together, and how a bigger cleanup of the bogus projects might follow suit.

Blockchain, Technology, Speculation

Enough rambling. What’s hot right now… Blockchain, solar, EVs, renewables, green energy, sustainability, and microgrids. Spice it up with governments, regulation, politics, speculation and the soup starts to get really interesting. It can also be less mind-bending or groundbreaking, like the fridge in the article below. Blockchain baby steps!

You might worry that the new blockchain based fridge could freeze your crypto assets, it’s important to know that it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

The railway industry will surely benefit from distributed ledger technology too one day. Here is a nice report about the current issues and potential areas of benefit. Speaking in future terms since this implementation is going to take some time.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates is taking the steps towards adoption today. Once mainly driven by the oil industry, UAE is already looking for the next big thing since the global shift away from fossil fuels is underway. Two slightly different reports can be found here and here. Seems like there is focus on ICO’s and STO’s as well.

UAE has realized that oil soon will not be something that will sustain its economy. This is why it has moved on to maintain a strong position in the technological field.

Australia comes up often while googling about blockchain, renewable energy or solar, and it’s not without reason. The weather conditions down under are great, there are rebates for solar installations and the government is pushing the transition forward. The aim is for 23.5 percent of Australia’s energy (the equivalent of 33,000-gigawatt hours) to come from clean sources such as wind, solar and hydro-electric by 2020.

The rooftop solar capital of Australia, Bundaberg, is leading the way with a target of 50 percent renewable energy by 2030. Four of Australia’s top five rooftop solar postcodes are in Queensland. More about the statistics down under can be found here.

Innovation, Adaptation and Prevention

South Korea has always been at the forefront regarding tech.
The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) has announced the 12 projects selected for ‘2019 Blockchain Public Pilot Project’ that will aim to innovate public services and discover best practices by applying the blockchain technology (source).

Orange, France’s largest telecoms company, has signed up with safe.press to fight fake news by using blockchain to authenticate that press releases originate from the company. French blockchain startup Block Expert created the safe.press solution. Full story here.

Waste management is a hot topic, and rightfully so. India is struggling, but it’s nice to see development in this field. Blockchain technology being the foundation makes it even more interesting. The city of Bangalore is launching a pilot project for waste management and it’s about time since the amount of waste produced on a daily basis has reached unprecedented levels (source).


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